male electrolysis

Have any men here had successfull electrolysis on a large area. How long did it take? and how much did it cost?

I am deciding whether to have electrolysis or laser treatment. I know laser is quicker, but it’d be a longer process in so far as I’d need lots of treatments and would have to keep going back for touch ups. Have you seen permanent results? because if so it’d be worth getting electrolysis over laser.

There is also the option of getting laser to thin the hair and then finishing it off with electrolysis. Anyone with any experience got any suggestions?



Any one! I’ve seen posts from men on here, surely someone can pass on some experience or advice.


Electrolysis will permanently remove hair on any area. But you will also need lots of treatments and touch ups. Laser will not permanently remove the hair, but many have seen thinning out of the hair for extended periods of time. No one knows however the long term effects of laser; I mean for years to come.

You have to find a good technitian, though. There are lots of ppl without basic knowledge and skill doing both.

Gotta run now. Good luck!