Male electrologists and business setting


I would like everyone’s opinion, please.

I am training to be an electrologist. I have done a lot of research about the field and I’ve had experiences with different electrologists. It is really a forest out there, and I have seen not the best of it, as I was desperately looking for a solution to the hair problem. This forced me (and inspired me) to go into the field and be different, to be one of the best.

It was very painful to try time and again, looking at each electrologist as your potential savior, and to later find out that the treatment was ineffective at best. To realize all the lies that the electrologists and the laser techs tell their unsuspecting customers in order to pull out of them an extra dollar. To be disappointed and depressed after all the promises fall through. When asking about the ineffectiveness of treatment, to be told that you just have to keep on coming to get some more ineffective treatment for the rest of your life. To force yourself to believe that the person who has lied to you before will eventually help you. To spend the tiny savings you have to nourish yourself with dreams and hopes. To be confronted with no hope.

So, in short, I was led into this decision. My initial intention was to limit treatment to my wife. (Yes, I’m male.) But now I’m thinking about opening some sort of a business to help others escape my experiences and get their lives back on track, as well as, to make a little money. So my questions are directed to all consumers and electrologists here to give me your opinions on the following.

  1. How would female clients view a male practitioner? In school, almost all clients are female and I’ve treated a great bunch. It was such a pleasure to see their shiny faces when I was finished treating them. But for student treaments they are paying so little, so they don’t really have a choice of who will work on them. All clients with a body job are usually directed to the female students. By teacher’s mistake, I almost got one, but then she told him that she’s doing her belly and she wants a female. I know most of my classmates’ work, and I can confidently say (although I’m naturally of a modest nature) that I haven’t seen any of them compare to me in effectiveness or speed. The student that got to treat that girl is the one who shouldn’t be an electrologist. That student should rather try a career in ballet of female hocky :grin:
    So my question to the female consumers: what is you view on going to a male electrologist? Would you think twice before going? Would you even consider his ad when searching for your practitioner? Would you just treat him as anyone else, because you go to male doctors anyway?

  2. How much would you care for the office? Would it be OK to get treatments in his appartment, in a room made into electrology office? As you know, some people just have a natural talent for certain things, and I believe I make for a good electrologist. But my finances have been tight lately and I couldn’t afford to rent an office. But I’m afraid that many consumers may be turned away before they will have a chance to evaluate the quality of my treatment.

  3. How would you go about finding yourself an electrologist? Where would you look first? Second? Third? What criteria would you be looking for? If a male electrologist seeing people in a room in his apartament would not be the first choice, would a cheap price of treatment change your mind?

I know this is a long one. But any help or suggestions, no matter how big or small, will be appreciated.

Thank you.


Bless your heart YB! Here are my answers and then my experience follows…

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by yb:
<strong>1. How would female clients view a male practitioner? Would you think twice before going? Would you just treat him as anyone else, because you go to male doctors anyway?</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I would only have reservations about seeing a male electrologist for treatments in the bikini line, simply because I’m extremely shy about my body. I have always gone to female doctors for this reason! :roll_eyes:

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”><strong>2. Would it be OK to get treatments in his appartment, in a room made into electrology office?</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Through my experience, I’ve learned that the location does not dictate the quality or care that the client receives. See my comments below.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”><strong>3. How would you go about finding yourself an electrologist? What criteria would you be looking for? Would a cheap price of treatment change your mind?</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I’ve always turned to the Yellow Pages. Good electrologists just don’t come up in my conversations… unfortunately! :frowning: The ads which catch my attention are those that have a personal touch or tone to them. My criteria now as an experienced consumer is a clean setting with a caring electrologist who treats my face as if they were working on themselves or a loved one. Reducing your price only makes you look desperate or inexperienced, in my opinion.

I have been treated by 3 female electrologists in a span of 10 yrs. The first and third electrologists were set up in prime location salons. Both gave me the impression they were in it for the money and didn’t REALLY care about the outcome or me as a person… I was simply a client with an appointment.

My second electrologist had a room dedicated to electrolysis and waxing in the basement of her home. She had it decorated and furnished just like a salon setting… very professional yet comfortable and relaxing. Inviting. While being worked on, I could look up at the wall and see photos of her family on a bulletin board and she was very personable, talking about her family and treating me like a friend she hadn’t seen in a while.

I just recently started seeing this electrologist again… after coming to the conclusion that the setting does not equal care, attention to detail, and quality. I travel approx. one hour to see her.

One last point is that most clients have some redness after treatments (especially on the face)… I find it soooo much more convenient and comfortable to slip into my car in her driveway than I ever did walking through a mall or crowded sidewalk to find my car. Also, an added plus in working at home is that your hours can be more flexible for those who can’t make standard appointments. Just food for thought! :wink:

Sorry for being so long-winded! Hope this helps,


  1. I’m not female, can’t answer specifically. However, as a male, I can say whom I would prefer. For general body work like arms and shoulders and back, it doesn’t really matter to me, but I might prefer a male electrologist slightly. For the ‘mature topic’ region, it depends. When I was unattached, I definitely would have preferred a female as I don’t want a guy touching me there. However, with a girlfriend now, I am looking for a male practitioner because I’m not comfortable with another women touching me there. Strange, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. If I was pulling a name out of the yellow pages, I’d be much more comfortable with an electrologist who used an commercial office space. If I was able to find a referral through word of mouth, then I wouldn’t care where he/she worked.

  3. First I looked here. Found nothing. Second I searched through the links on this site where I found some vague recommendations on other sites, specifically transgender info sites. I’m going to start with those names. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll open the yellow pages.

Good luck. I noticed you are in NYC area. Might be hard to get clients from this board with Fino in that general vicinity, just like it’d be practically impossible to get anyone from here if you lived in the Buffalo area with James Walker as the proven option there. One thing you might consider is apprenticing with Fino for awhile, even for practically free. If you were able to get a recommendation from Fino on the quality of your work, that could be a huge boost to your business when you went on your own.


Just a couple of personal observations…

As a male, I don’t care what gender was working on whatever region, if the person is professional, then it should be fine… what I think you will find is that you are not going to be inundated with female looking for genital work… however, once a client sees the work you have done, they may feel comfortable and will ask… so when they do, be professional and tell them you do, how much etc…

As long as your apartment was in a decent area, where people felt safe, and as long as the room was setup properly, with towels, music lighting etc to work efficiently, as well as be relaxing and comfortable for the client. Some clients will want to go to the toilet, etc, so you have to have to be comfortable with that kind of thing.

Don’t drop the price, it will so much harder to put it up later, plus if you do want to sub-rent some space in a hairdresser or somewhere or have your own space, you will need the money and get it faster if you charge a reasonable rate. with the cashflow established, then you have the chance to upgrade your machine and be ready with all you need for a move to a separate space… buy a fish tank and a few chairs and such, some magazines… where ever you are, you need to be clean, comfortable, relaxing and have everything to hand… There may be rules from the city about what you can use your apartment for…, may not want to advertise too much until you are in a separate space…

As for finding you, yellow pages, google and street press would be my main avenues, probably web first, then (online) yellow pages, then free and other niche newspapers and magazines/city guides…

Good luck, if you are good, you won’t have to drop your prices or go looking for work…




YB, thank you so much for explaining the torture and depressed feelings that go along with not finding a competent electrologist and the fact that we are paying top dollar for no results, with little to no consequences for these incompetent practitioners. It has been a grueling process for me, and I still have not found a competent person. It is sad and actually unethical the way many, and I do mean many practitioners operate. So with that said, I TOTALLY applaud you!! The fact that you have been through all of this tells me that you are already a step ahead of most of the practitioners out there. To answer the questions:
As a female, I would go to a male to treat ANY body part (From my direct experience, I find many of the women in this field katty and judgemental anyway). I would go to the home AS LONG AS it is clean, in a decent area, and looks professional and as long as there are not a million interuptions and PRIVACY is protected. I did not go to the one lady in her home after a consult because she let anyone and everyone walk into the room during my treatment, it was not a big deal to her but it was a big deal to me. I would not lower your rates too much, this makes consumers suspicious of your competence, but being slightly lower then others would be okay/competitive. Also, if you have successfully treated individuals provide those names and numbers for new consumers to contact to have some confidence that the process actually works, I really have my doubts with what I have been through…Good Luck, hey when you get started let me know when and where, I would love to find a competent practioner.


Congratulations on your outlook on things and attitude!!! :smile:

  1. How would female clients view a male practitioner?

I would see it as something good, normal and fine. I would have some reserves about some situations and some scenarios I might have to deal with with a male practitioner versus a female one, but I will explain that later, and, pretty much like with a gyno or any other doctor, on itself, I couldn’t care any less of the gender of the practitioner if he/she is good at what he does and polite.

>So my question to the female consumers: what is you view on going to a male electrologist?

I don’t think a man would be better than a woman or viceversa, not a priori! I would have to know the practitioners in particular and see how skilled and good they are to make a decision on who to have as my electrologist. I would go to the one that seems the best. ALthough I admit that when having a “tie” between a male and female practitioner, DEPENDING on the area treated, I might prefer the female for modesty reasons.

> Would you think twice before going?

For the bikini area, the nipple area or any area that would show something rather “personal” or that my modesty would make me feel a little awkward about showing to a male, then, yes, it might make a difference.

>Would you even consider his ad when searching for your practitioner?

Honestly, yes.
I would not rule out the possibility of having a male practitioner for that reason. I would go visit the office and “see” if I think I would be comfortable with him. But to be honest, as I said, if I found a woman I felt comfortable with, I guess I would choose the woman first. ALL THAT, assuming that I might treat areas like the bikini line or breasts. For other areas, it wouldn’t be an issue. I’d choose the practitioner only depending on who seems more skilled, offers treatment at a reasonable price and makes me feel more at ease.

>Would you just treat him as anyone else, because you go to male doctors anyway?

Assuming I have already met him and think I will be comfortable with him, that he is and will be respectful, polite, and respect my modesty as much as possible, then, of course I would treat him like anyone else. Hard to tell without meeting the man “first”. It really depends on the individual. It is pretty much like when I go for the first time to some male doctor. In front of some, I feel comfortable right away and could get naked without feeling awkward, while with others I feel a little embarassed.

  1. How much would you care for the office?

A lot at first. Why I say at first? because once you “know” someone and know you are safe and respected when with that practitioner, the setting of the office is irrelevant. But when you first go or during the first times, and up until you are 100% of how he reacts, how respectful he is, how professional he is, going to his “house” or a very “private” place would make me feel uneasy. I would feel less protected than by being in a rather “public” office where he would have a secretary or that I would feel less “vulnerable” to an attack or harassment of any kind. I have suffered from sexual abuse, so the idea of being alone with a man I still have not 100% of trust in, ESPECIALLY if this man will be seeing some private or personal parts of my body is not a nice prospect. I mean, I wouldn’t feel ok with visiting a gyno male doctor in HIS home.

Another thing to consider, I don’t know if you thought of it, is the following: you are thinking of what the patient thinks or might think of the practitioner and the level of comfort the patient might have when actually “there”, with the electrologist, but the fact is that often OTHER factors weigh in the decision of the sex of the practitioner… like what the patient’s SPOUSE or significant other can or would think of knowing that “his” wife/partner is exposing herself X body parts to a male and/or to a situation that, in HIS eyes might be dangerous or confusing. I know that my fiance would not have a problem with it, but I know that my ex would have had a problem with it… he would have said it was too dangerous, not appropriate, why not to go to a woman, etc. And when you know that going to the electrologist might make you fight with your significant other, it is likely that you will go for a practitioner that you think your partner would not feel threatened by or would make you comments on.

  1. How would you go about finding yourself an electrologist? Where would you look first? Second? Third? What criteria would you be looking for? If a male electrologist seeing people in a room in his apartament would not be the first choice, would a cheap price of treatment change your mind?

I live in a relatively small city, and I had to look in the Yellow Pages. I visited the different places and stuck to the woman who seemed more up-to-date, “professional” (the overtly friendly type that talks too much and is too warm too soon does not give me enough security of the “medical” and skills’ aspect of the practitioner), polite and skilled. Her prices were reasonable, as well. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive.


I am male and when I first started electrolysis I was a little uncomfortable at first because all the electrologists in my area are women except one husband/wife team. Some were used to working mainly with women. I soon discovered that it made absolutely no difference to me because my electrologist “has seen it all”. I think some people will have a preference about who works on them but I can see you having more male clients initally who will probably have more area to do anyway. So overall you could have as much work to do. I think as long as you are very professional, have a good machine and private setting, wear a white coat, you will do well.


Forgot to ever write back. I have good news. I’m now open to the public!

I’m quick, I have a modern machine, and I’m very attentive to detail.

I was by far the best in school, and I rank at the top among most electrologists (I myself had experiense with a good number, so I could tell).

You can try me for free. And don’t worry about the rates, just mention that you know me from this forum, and we’ll work something out.

I have a private office in Brooklyn, NY at 2305 Coney Island Ave.

Business Phone: (718)376-6969
Home Phone: (718)627-1833

I have flexible hours, including nights and weekends.

Feel free to email or call me for a free consultation, to make an appointment or if you just have a question.

I’m looking forward to continuing the legacy of making people smooth and happy.

Good luck!


I would just like to add, for the benefit of any other guys out there thinking of going into this business, that starting out with male clients is in some ways superior to starting out with female clients, as most male clients have more work to be done, therefore one needs fewer clients initially to become profitable. One will spend more hours with each client, both on a weekly basis, and in total hours worked, but once you have cleared a beard, people will know that you deliver what you promise. Most of my female clients came because they saw what I did for a guy they knew, or heard word about my work from those who had.

I was operating in the clear in six months or less.