Male Chest Hair


Of the little bit of hair left on my chest most of it is around my nipples. That area has been zapped repeatedly with tha laser but still it returns. It is much finer and grows relatively slowy.

I wondered why this is so stubborn. My theory is that maybe the follicles are deeper here or I am not hitting the growth cycle at the right time.

I wouldn’t mind but it is irritating when it grows back and rubs against my shirt. Shaving takes care of it but to get a close shave you always have the risk of cutting the nipple and that’s no fun.

I have plucked them and have had no problems other than a few ingrown hairs. I am considering elelctrolysis there too and for a few white hairs that remain. Electrolysis is cheap. $30 for a half and $60 for a full hour. I wonder how long it takes to do a chest that overall isn’t very hairy anymore.



Hair tends to be more likely to start in certain areas and be more tenacious in those areas, too. For instance, the first places women and men usually see facial hair (chin and upper lip) is also the toughest hair to remove permanently.

Same is true on the chest. The most common place to start seeing hairs is around the nipples and the midline (sternum). These hairs tend to be harder to get, since they appear more sensitive to the influence of androgens.

A first visit to an electrologist to remove sparse hairs on a male chest would probably take half an hour to two hours, with subsequent treatments taking much less time. Total time to completion is affected by many variables, so it’s hard to say what you might expect.


Thanks for the info. My laser practitioner also does electrolysis and has been doing that even longer than laser. She says it’s been around practically forever and is well proven. She stil does quite bit of electrolysis and says it doesn’t look like it will totally be replaced by laser unless the technology changes to make it work on light hair.




Is (or should I say was) your chest/body hair dark? You seem to have such great results with lasers that I am assuming you have the genetic makeup of what they deem an “ideal candidate”: dark hair on light skin.

Am I right? (I have light hair on light skin, and lasers don’t do a thing for me.) :frowning:


RJC2001…thanks for all of your helpful information. Maybe you can help me. I am a gymnast and a bodybuilder. Both sports require a smooth body. I have electric barber-style clippers where I trim down my leg hair, my arm hair, and my
armpit hair. If I didn’t, I’d be an ape. Oddly I have no back hair. Every 3 or 4 days I shave my chest and abs in the shower. I always shave with the grain, not against. The one time I shaved against the grain, my chest really broke out the next day, was incredibly sensative for days, and I ended up with several ingrown hairs. I use a crappy Bic disposable razor. I have seen you mention the Mach 3 Turbo razor. Is it really that big of a difference? Right now when I shave with the grain, I end up with chest stubble (not sexy). Will the Mach 3 Turbo get closer than what I’m used to even if I shave with the grain? Also, I have seen you mention electric razors (I think one was a wet/dry electric razor). I can’t seem to find the thread on which one you suggest is the best. Basically I am looking for a way to keep my chest and abs clean shaven and smooth without stubble and without ingrown hairs, rash, or irritation. I can’t afford laser and waxing my chest really hurt the one time I did it. Also, I couldn’t find any feedback on hair inhibitor’s. Are there any out there that are worth anything? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.




I have mostly dark hair and moderately dark skin. I tan very easily. I have to stay out of the sun for about 3 months for my tan to fade enough for laser treatments.

Both the Lightsheer diode and Sciton Nd:YAG laser mfrs. claim their lasers can be used on tan skin, but my practitioner, who uses both of those lasers, is still skeptical about that. I may try electrolysis for the hair that is left, most of which is white.



You are lucky not to have back hair!
I am not a big fan of shaving with the grain when using a blade. That does not shave close enough. You would be better off using an electric if you have a major problem with ingrown hairs. A good electric will beat a blade shaving with the grain every time. The best electric I have found is the Braun Synchro. The 7526 is self-cleaning and is $129 at Wal-Mart. The 7505 is about $109.00 They stand up well to body shaving and have a two-year warranty. It is a dry shaver only but it shaves better than the best wet-dry, which is the Panasonic Linear. The Panasonic linear is a good wet shaver but does not work well on coarse hair like beards. Also the screen on the one I tried failed after about two weeks. A Braun screen (foil) will last about 6 months with body shaving, maybe even longer. The Panasonic I tried was the $299 (now $249) model from Sarper Image but still the Braun was better. Stay away from rotary shavers. They are not as close and are much slower in getting the job done. Pre-shave cannot be used with the Braun but it is not necessary. As long as your skin is clean and dry the Braun will work fine.

Stay away from the cheap disposables! That could have been the reason you had so much irritation shaving against the grain. No blade I have tried compares to the Mach 3 Turbo except the original Mach 3 and the Venus 3 which were (are) still pretty good. The Venus 3 women’s shaver is very good and may be preferable for shaving in the shower as it is easy to grip and the handle is designed for body shaving. Don’t laugh, lots of guys use the Venus 3, at least vefore the Turbo came out. The Turbo, the ads say is meant for shaving against the grain.

When I first shaved my chest I broke out and had quite a few ingrown hairs too. I switched to the Braun (older model 5525) at the time and it gave acceptable results. I eventually went back to a blade at least before I would go to the beach or out in the boat. After using the combination of an electric almost every day and using the blade a few times a week my skin adapted to it. After that I had much less problem shaving. If I had used a blade exclusively my skin may have adapted faster.

I have a few suggestions for blade shaving. First, upgrade to at least a Mach 3, preferably the Turbo version. If you shave in the shower get some Suave Moisturizing Body Wash (white bottle) and put it on and lather it up. Get some Edge Pro Gel Tough Beard formula and put some on top of the Suave but don’t overdo it or the razor will clog. If it clogs the blades of the Mach 3s clean very easily under running water. Shave against the grain. I never tried a Mach 3 with the grain although it should be much. much better than a Bic.

BTW Gilette recommends that men suffering from ingrown hairs shave every day and that may help too. When I used and electric and before I went under the laser, I had so much chest hair I had to shave every day.

After shaving apply Tend Skin. It really helps prevent and treat ingrown hairs! I treat ingrown hairs by lifting them up with a sterilized needle and yanking them out with tweezers. My method has always worked and never made the problem worse as some may claim. If you have any really bad ingrown hairs, give the Tend Skin a chance to do its thing, even it it takes a couple of weeks (in extreme cases).

I am going to try some Moore’s Unique Hydroglide Shaving Gel if I can find it. It’s supposed to be really good. Since I haven’t had my legs lasered yet I will try it there and report the results.

Sorry for the long post but it had to be this long to cover the topic.

Hope this helps.



I forgot a few things.

Hair inhibitors are useless and a waste of money. I use the Jergens Naturally Smooth formula which claims hair inhibiting properties but I used it because it is a good moisturizer. I am not expecting much in the way of hair inhibition though. Sort of an experiment.

While the Braun Synchro is a great electric and is almost as good as a blade, the Mach 3 Turbo rules when shaving against the direction of hair growth.



RJC2001…I really appreciate the quick and detailed reply. I will take your advice and try your suggestions, and then report back. BTW…I should have been more specific when I said I couldn’t afford Laser treatment earlier. Where it is true that I can’t afford it right now, there was a time when I could afford it and had it done on my chest. About 5 years ago I spent just over $2000 on 2 laser treatments for my chest at a new clinic here in town. Long story short and $2000 dollars later I still have chest hair and he has since lost his license to practice and is in litigation. I realize that the technology has improved and someday will have it done again when I can afford it. Thanks again for all the useful information.



Sounds like your first experience with laser was with the Softlight or something similar.

Back in 1999, a prominent local plastic surgeon was touting the benefits of the Soft light laser. I went for a consultation and set up an appointment. At the last minute the technician was fired and my appointment was cancelled. I was lucky.

After the cancelled appointment, I found my current practitioner working under the supervision of a dermatologist and I am very happy things worked out the way they did.

For anyone that is really hairy with dark hair, laser is the way to go IMHO. It is well worth the expense so save up if you can.

Good luck and your skin will adapt to the razor whether it is a blade or an electric.



Thanks for all your responses while I was away, RJC2001!

Some great information and advice in this thread, HairTell readers!


RJC2001…where can I find Tend Skin? I checked Safeway, but they said they never heard of it. Is this something I have to order. Thanks again.

Andrea, you’re right…RJC2001 has been very helpful to me. Thanks again for creating this site!

  • Joshua


You can buy Tend Skin direct at Other sites that sell skin care products may have it also.

It’s expensive $50 for 16 oz. but it is well worth it. It will last for a while too.

There are no retailers I know of where you can buy it in person.



RJC2001…I’ll check it out. Thanks again.




My order of TendSkin has finally come in (it takes forever to get things mailorder here in Alaska).  Do you have any special tips on using it for my chest, or should I just use it as directed?


  • Joshua


Joshua, my tip would be to put it on pretty liberally with a cotton ball-- enough that your skin looks wet. Be sure to wash your hands (especially your fingertips) right afterwards.


A cotton ball will work fine. I prefer to use one of those foam paint brushes that is used to paint window trim. Get one that’s about 2 inches wide. Put the Tend Skin on right after shaving or after you get out of the shower and dry off. After that you can put on sunscreen, moisturizer or whatever.

Oh,I forgot to mention that Tend Skin acts like a sunscreen. It is similar to an SPF 4 according to Tend Skin. It has that property even if you apply it the night before if you go to the beach the following day. I was in the Bahamas and put some Tend Skin on an ingrown hair at night. I went to the beach the following day and that night I had a quarter sized spot of lighter skin. So be sure to apply it evenly.

It may burn a little bit and your skin may turn red. That is normal and is only temporary. Don’t splash any in your eyes either.



Andrea and RJC2001:

what if I get a good sponge and cut it up into small pieces?  Do you think that will work well?
  • Joshua


You want to use something absorbent, but not too absorbent. Maybe one of those foam sponges.

If it’s too absorbent (like a household sponge), you end up leaving a lot of the stuff in the sponge instead of on your skin. Since it’s rather pricey for most of us, you want most of it getting on your skin. in fact, if you’re going to use cotton balls, you may have better luck with the synthetic ones, which aren’t as absorbent.


I wouldn’t use a household sponge. Go to Wal-mart, Meijer, or Target,etc. and you will find the foam brushes in the paint section. They are very cheap too. A foam brush about 2-2.5 inches wide should work fine. I like the brushes at Meijer the best. Or you could check out an other store that sells paint.