Male Bikini Area


Hello, I posted asking about this topic a few months ago and got 0 responses. I would like access to the adult topic area so that I can gain some information before I go ahead and get this done (I have already been to a consultation). I donated 3 bucks(via Paypal)to ask Andrea for a password, but no response. Can anyone please help me?


i’ll email you the pass.


ummm, i can’t private messege you? nor email you!


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Please send me an email stating you are over 18 to If you don’t put a subject line my spam filters may have deleted your message. If you don’t send a valid email or have your spam filters set too toght, you may not receive the reply.

Also, please send me the name/email under which you made a donation so I can check my records.

I sent a reply on June 22. I have forwarded the original reply to the email address you used to register.

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got the password. Thanks Andrea.