Male beard removal with Aculight IPL


I’ve recently completed a 6 treatment course of Aculight IPL treatment on my beard at a salon in Glasgow Scotland.

I have completed a detailed diary of this including lots of pictures of all stages.
You can see this at
I haven’t seen anything like this anywhere else.

The gist of it is that Aculight for me has only been partially effective. I believe that it would probably work after a large number of sessions but that it was not the best option for me.

Since starting, I have researched laser/light hair removal thoroughly and my research tells me that generally, IPL is less effective than laser.
I am evaluating my options for alternative treatment locally and will post my findings again next week.

Meanwhile, guys - think twice about paying for Aculight treatment to remove your beard.



Based on another case reported on this Forum, a full beard removal like yours took about 250-300 hrs of Electrology over a number of years, and the proceedure was done by a very skilled Electrologist, so I can see what you mean by “very, very, very, very, very slow”. It sounds like you are headed in the right direction now, and it looks to me like you are pretty far along. Good Luck with your Laser treatments!

I thought I’d add this link to another website featuring a consumers ongoing treatments on his male beard with Laser.