Male beard, Harmony AFT (ATTN: Lagirl / RJC2001)

Question for the two of you, please. I’ve read most of the posts from you two -among others- and terms such as shedding and statements such as hair free period keep coming up. With the male beard, after a treatment (26-days ago), would one expect a complete shedding of the face and neck treated then a hair-free period (before the growth begins again)?

Will post my details of first Harmony AFT treatment on male beard shortly.

Thanks in advance, -Trist

technically, all treated hair should shed every time. of course, some hairs will be missed each time, especially on a dense hair growth area like the face, so I would expect most, but not all hairs to shed. the hairfree period is experienced after the shedding occurs, but of course only applies to areas where hair actually shed. RC2001 can probably provide more insight since he has actually had a face treatment and he’s a male <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

I gathered, based on your previous posts, that all treated hair should shed, but wanted to confirm since it was the male beard area. And hopefully RC2001 will add his experiences as well. Thanks for responding.

No, I would not expect a complete shedding on the beard. But I would expect a lot of it to shed, at least 50%. And the shedding should happen within 2-4 weeks. It has taken up to 3 weeks for me one time. For me, the beard was easy to treat. Dark coarse hair is what the laser/IPL is looking for.

This is what you should see 2-3 weeks after the treatment. Keep in mind I used an electric right before this blade shave, so the hair you see here is from below the skin surface.


And for me whatever doesn’t grow back within 2 months is not coming back.