Male beard / facial hair - Which Laser system?

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I’d like to know which system works best for hair reduction for a male beard. I’ve already had several IPL treatments with some good results, especially at my throat and cheeks but not so much the upper lip and the chin.

I’d like to switch to a different system which might be more efficient as I think IPL has its limits. I went to two medical practitioners (not beauty studio!). One offered me Quantum IPL but I don’t think I will go for that. The second offered me treatments with the Lightsheer Duet Laser. Now I’ve read that many people didn’t have good results with the Lightsheer and the Alexandrit Laser like Candela GentleLase might work better.

I’m totally confused now as I would like to make a well informed decision and don’t waste my money for further IPL treatments. What system works best for facial hair? I have fair skin and pretty dark facial hair. I know that facial hair is hormonal regulated and that’s why I talk about hair reduction instead of permanent hair removal. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Confusion still rules the day. Each device sale was made to a person who thought they were buying the best laser or IPL OR they are not adequately trained and fell for the sales pitch.

IF training was better they could get more from their machine but not the impossible.

Most transgendered people would tell you that your question precludes the answer. It is sort of like asking “What chemicals do I pour on lead to turn it into gold?” The question keeps you from getting to the answer that nuclear physics provides where you rearrange the atomic structure and it is easy to turn lead into gold.

In short, the best, most effective treatment for removal of a man’s beard is electrolysis. In some cases, LASER or IPL will speed the process a little, but in many cases, the light based work does nothing to make the final solution faster or less expensive. It often creates further expenses and expands the time to finish that one would have had if one had gone to a well skilled electrolysis professional right off the bat and got a full clearance and settled in on a regular schedule of reclearances, thus enjoying the weeks of bare skin in between.

I’ve had almost a total reduction from laser, but you need a lot of sessions and a good laser preferably a YAG as it can go the deepest. I’d recommend doing cheeks and neck with laser and switch to electrolysis for chin and upper lip. I literally never shave my cheeks or neck anymore. When I shave it’s JUST my chin and upper lip as the hairs are so deep there it’s hard to respond to laser. I’ll probably try switching to electrolysis eventually to finish it up but I Wouldn’t rule out laser.