Male Beard - 11 Treatments - PATCHY REGROWTH


-24 yrs old male
-11 laser hair removal treatments since Nov. 2004
-first 9 on IPL, last 2 on pulsed diode laser
-last treatment at end of January 2006
-Unhappy with bizarre regrowth
-I am praying all my hair will return

I’d have to say laser does not work permanently for young men’s beards. Currently I have patchy regrowth. It looks bizarre.

The bald spots have begun to fill in with finer hair but still do not blend with the grid-pattern course hair.

The goatee and mustache was resiliant to the laser and never got large bald spots, just smaller ones. Although a lot of the hair there is slightly finer then it was.

The cheeks have several large bald spots that have been slowly filling in (perhaps 1 inch x 1 inch spots).

The neck still has sparse hair, but like everywhere more has been sprouting up.

My sideburns are almost entirely intact. I think this is because I had them stay away from this area when I switched to the diode laser. I hope the rest of my beard grows in to match the fullness of this area.

I got laser to avoid shaving irritation, but ironically I have to shave more often to avoid my bizarre beard from showing.

If I could go back I would not get this procedure. I can only pray that the hair will all grow back. I’m not as concerned with it being coarse hair, but at least enough so that there are no bald spots.

I’m considering taking a steroid to speed the regrowth, but then again at my age my testosterone will be naturally increasing for a few more years.


I’ll never get electrolysis. I think it was a mistake to think that I could get to a point where I’d never have to shave again. I will not do another expensive, painful, time consuming procedure. Even if electrolysis works and isn’t all hyped-up like laser hair removal. Everything has side effects and too much variance on the practicioner and devise being used.

I’d rather spend my money on expensive razors and creams, or just save it and grow a beard. It’s not that I ever wanted to be hairless. I just did not want to have to shave twice a day and get pseudofolliculitis.

Also, please don’t reply that I should try the Yag laser. I just saw a post by the 24 yo guy getting his legs done with Yag. He had ten treatments and 8 months later most of his hair has returned. I’d be happy if my beard hair returned as uniformly as the hair on his legs.

It’s been 3.5 months since my last treatment and I already have a lot of regrowth. I’m sure it will continue to be more dense in area and thicker in texture.