Male aestheticians/laser technicians...


I have been browsing this forum for a while and just joined, and I have a question:

As a woman, would you feel comfortable with a man doing your laser hair removal on your body?

Just want to see if there is a market for male laser aestheticians/techs.

thank you


I went to a clinic that was owned by a man and had my underarms treated by him. While I was in the waiting room, a woman also made an appt to have her bikini line treated by him. There were female technicians working there also.

I would be fine having areas like underarms and legs treated by a man. For the bikini line I’d personally prefer a female initially.

Most technicians are pretty professional when it comes down to it. Some might not feel comfortable, but really it shouldnt make a difference. A technician is there to do a job. Not ogle bits. Whether male female, or in between really shouldnt matter.
Some of the most successful hairdressers I’ve known, have been gay guys. For some reason the women went to them in droves.


Erm I wouldn’t really consider myself a shy person or someone who gets embarrassed quite easily but I must admit I would only let a female treat my downstairs area. Anywhere else and I would be fine with a man doing it.