Male 30 red hair needs advice for back

Hi all, Have to say think this site is very good and all you good ppl for posting to it thanks very much cause it is a great resource. However i think i might be more confused than ever :frowning: Now years ago I did ruby laser with not good results and then electrolysis with similar but didnt really give it the time it deserved. I should say that I have red hair on my chest, back and shoulders and have done for 6+ years with thing getting worse and worse (for example my lower neck also has hair below the normal beard line).

Now my questions are is there any treatment that could lead to permanent hair removal on my back and shoulders. If so what. From what i can see from this site that they are very few real happy happy success stories. I was going to go and try eplight but the feedback on this site isn’t v positive. I have recent read about ellipse but finding info on this hard to get. I am realistic enought to be happy with hair reduction (hopefully around 50%) and a thining of the remaining hair. Thanks for any help in advance.

First of all, most people that have been succesfully treated don’t come on websites like this, they just go on with their lives. Second, I have read of quite a few people on this forum who have been very happy with their results. I also have red hair and have had the same problems you are dealing with. You are not a good candidate for laser( I had about 6-8 treatments with the diode on various areas and experienced a pemanent thinning and lightening. This was 5 years ago so I call it permanent) I also was dissapointed with electrolysis, but I’m sure I just didn’t stick with it either (UNREALIISTIC TIME and PAIN!!!). I am going for my second treatment with the Aurora in a bout an hour, and based on my results so far I would say its a total breakthrough. See other posts regarding this, especially by RJC2001, and be aware that the most of the Aurora skeptics on this site are not consumers.