Makeup/skin care tips along with personal story


Personal Story:
I could stay in this forum for days. I just stumbled onto this site today. I want to cry as I read everyone’s posts. It is amazing to know there are other women out there that struggle with this problem. I am 24 years old, pale complexion, very dark hair. I remember shaving my upper lip for the first time when I was in the 6th grade. It soon spread to my beard area and neck. I was able to pluck for around 3 years but when the plucking “sessions” became 3+ hrs long, due to the amount of facial hair, I couldn’t do it anymore. I have been shaving for at least 8 yrs.

It is not fun. In fact, the routine I put myself through is quite excruciating. This is such a humiliating problem. Talk about low self-esteem? I can’t stand the fact that I am too embarrassed to wear my hair in a pony tail!!! This past weekend I decided to take the plunge into laser treatment. I can tell I will have tons of research to do. I find all of the laser options and terminology TOTALLY overwhelming.

Makeup/skin care tips (my daily routine):
Ironically, people at work tell me what awesome, flawless skin I have. I always tell them the truth…“It’s the makeup”.

I have scoured the makeup industry for the best coverage available. I have tried almost everthing. I found a makeup that gives the best coverage and is waterproof. It does take some practice to get the makeup to look even.
Ultima II Wonderwear liquid makeup and the loose powder “the Nakeds” by Ultima II is by far the best thing available to cover “our” problem. This was being carried at JC Penney but they are not going to sell makeup anymore. I totally freaked out and almost had an anxiety attack. So I jumped online and searched for a website that sold it. I found out that it is made by Revlon. I called Revlon to find out where I could buy it and they said I could buy it directly from them. 1-800-4-ULTIMA (Mon-Fri 8:30a-5p). I use “bone” in the liquid makeup and “color 2-L” in the loose face powder. Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding this makeup. I don’t know how I would live without it!

I found that after shaving (I do get ingrown hairs/acne from shaving) I have little “flakes” of skin on my face. The best way to remedy this is with a good harsh face scrub. Yes, it’s painful, but it is the best solution. I use “St. Ives Apricot scrub”. I also found the best shaving cream for me is “Skintimate” in the pink bottle. After all I put my face through it is extrememly dry so I use MaryKay skin moisturizer. To recap:

  1. Shave using Skintimate–fyi shaving in the shower is the best b/c you get the hot steam that opens up the pores and makes it less painful to shave.
  2. Use St Ives scrub immediately after shaving (still in shower)
  3. Use MaryKay moisturizer after shower. Let face absorb moisturizer then you’re ready for the “wonder” makeup
  4. Ultima II Wonderwear liquid makeup and Ultima II “the Nakeds” loose face powder

I know my first post was long but I wanted to share all my tips from this long journey. I always enjoy finding tips that might help me deal with this nightmare. Feel free to give me your tips!!!


Wow, how much good information! Thank you!
And feel welcome!