Makeup an electrolysis-

I looked all over walmart for medicated makeup but didnt find one.So I chose something called whipped cream, an it dosnt have spf in it I thought that might irritate my skin after electrolysis.If I put this on Saturday evening considering my electrolysis app at 9am Friday…do you think it will irritate my skin alot an look terrible?I went in for a test treatment a few weeks ago and my skin did rather well with it, I only got some funny lil bitty dots on my face for like a day it didnt look that bad but that wasnt on the side of my face is that area more sensitive?

Both your skin and your electrologist would appreciate it if you allowed 72 hours before makeup application, but give it a rest for at least 24 hours after treatment. Just keep in mind that any infections or pigmentation you may get could very well be your own making for ignoring the post treatment advise “Keep the skin clean and dry for 72 hours after treatment for best results.”