Maintenance between sessions?

I guess I’m new to this part of the forum… usually used to being in the electrolysis boards. I know this is the polar opposite of electrolysis, but I can’t wait to get my chest hair off - waxing is quick and simple!

So I recently started waxing my chest (especially for weekend-long events such as Quebec trips with my high school, prom, after prom parties etc…) because of how convenient and time consuming it is. However, I’ve always had bad luck with broken hair shafts that aren’t fully removed.

I find I am plucking these hairs after my treatment. I did some light reading online and found that by shaving between my waxing appointments, I am actually making these hair more prone to breaking instead of simply being pulled out. Is this true? What can I do, in the mean time, for problem hairs? There aren’t many stray, but the ones that are there still bug me - should I simply wait the 3-4 weeks and get my chest waxed again? Can I use Veet or Nair between treatments?

I am not sure but if it is the case, anything like veet or nair would cause the same problem.

I would just trim them short rather than shave and wait until you can wax again.

Have you tried wax for short hairs (cream wax is a good option). Or hot film wax. Both work well on short hairs. But you will need a wax heather and the waxes don’t seem cheap but the tubs usually last a while.

I shave and pluck between waxing sessions. It seems to work out okay. I don’t think it’s true that shaving makes the hair break next time. Anyone have different ideas? I don’t see how it would and my personal experiences don’t suggest that it would.

I thought you don’t shave because he hairs may not come back through to be waxed and then you won’t get the benefits of thinner hair growing back in a longer time from, they will continue to look courser because you are cutting them and grow back quicker because you are only doing this on the surface and not removing from the root. It can take up to a week for hairs shaved to grow in what you see come waxing maybe new hairs that have grown and then a couple of days later the hair you shaved is back making you think it wasn’t waxed but it was just too short for the waxing to work properly.