Magnifying Lamp, Glasses or Mirror?

I just purchased the One Touch to get rid of some unwanted facial hair. I’ve tried a magnifying mirror but I couldn’t see where to insert the needle.

Would a lamp or glasses be better… if not can someone recommend a good mirror? (I don’t have anyone who can assist me in this, so I have to attempt this by myself)


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I am sure your local mall has more than one shop selling lighted beauty mirrors with 5x and/or 7x magnification. $60 to $75 usually buys a sturdy model with adjustable ring light.

“Wal-Mart”, “Bed, Bath and Beyond” and “Sally’s Beauty Supply” come to mind off the top of my head.

or what about getting a maginfying lamp and look in the mirror through that would that work coz i too need to look in a mirror and them mirrors are quite weird say i point to a mole on my face with a maginefying mirror keep it pointed there and look in a normal mirror its not pointing at it at all aint that weird

Sorry, that would not work. The problem with magnifying lenses is they have a small sweet spot. It is hard enough for your eyes to focus on something in the magnifier. It will scramble your brain trying to focus on a mirrored image through the prism of a magnifier in between your skin and the mirror. You simply could not focus on the image, and if you did, you would have no depth perception.

If at all possible, swallow your pride and find a friend to swap electrolysis with. Doing it that way solves so many problems you won’t believe it.