Magnification to work on my own body

Hello I’m getting ready to begin my electrolysis on my body and I want to know what specifications of loupes I should get and if it would differ from the specs if I was going to work on someone else.

You can use the same loupes that you use to work on another person. The working distance is what matters. My working distance is 17”. Some of the cheaper brands that are not custom-made might be 7”, which is not good for any work .

It is a real challenge to work on yourself. You will only be able to reach so many areas, unless you are related to Gumby.

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When you say “working distance” you mean that from where the clients hair is to where your eyes are is about 17” apart?

So in other words, the cheaper loupes with 7” working distance are not as good as 17” because you would have to be closer to the area you are trying to see, therefore might put a stain on body

Yes, that is correct.

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Which area are you planning to work on? Even with my stereo microscope there are only so many areas I can work on because I’m constrained by reachability and working distance. Working distance can be too long for some areas or too short as well.

I was planning on working on either my arm or leg, simply to get some practice on insertions and maybe learn something from it. These are not areas I have a high priority of being hair free as oppose to my shoulders or chest or back but I’m trying to do anything just to gain some practice in making insertions and observing the rate of any change or regrowth overtime

It doesnt matter what magnification you use, if you cant access the area. Back is a complete no go, most of the chest will be very difficult at best. Arms are ok as long as it’s not your dominant arm and can master single handed insertions ( difficult) but legs should be okay with either a circle lamp or chea set of dental loups. Make sure your focal length is at least 400 mm

Thankyou so much I will keep that in mind! I’m only going to attempt the legs and I’ll see how that goes.

I’ll be looking for no resistance when I remove the hair afterwords