Magnification levels?


Hello guys, I was wondering what level of magnification is needed to treat very tiny black vellus hairs. My Electrologist uses x5 magnification with what seems to be some sort of glasses. What magnification levels do you guys use for vellus hair? Thanks!


I am using a microscope and for tiny vellus hair i usually use more than 10X. If the hair is white or blond I have to increase the magnification up to 20-25X . Please note that sometimes the magnification is given by Diopters which is not the same as the real magnification.
The approximate formula to calculate the magnification using Diopter is M=D/4+1 where M is Magnification and D is Diopter. If you have 5D magnifier the real magnification will be only 2.25X, 8D will be 3X etc.
If your electrologist uses a single lens glasses, she probably has 5D glasses with 2.25X magnification, which for me is not enough to make precise insertion.


What type of magnification required, depends on the eyesight of the practitioner.All
practitioner needs are different. regards Sally