Magic Fragrant Shaving Powder

Anyone knows how good this product is? and how exactly it works? Is it a depilatory or a shaving product???

Here’s a site about it:

Do you mean Magic Shaving Powder it comes in a black,blue, or silver can I think. And its a powder dipilotory that u mix with water then apply. If so iv used it and I had some good results with it its the only dipilitory iv ever used that didnt burn my skin off. It did pretty good as for hair removal but it smelt horid and like every thing else iv used it didnt last very long. So I stoped using it pluse I dont like the idea of having a cemical like that on my skin. I used it full body for my legs and chest it did ok I think the hair was back in 1 to 2 days. Iv never had a dipilitory remove all my chest hair but this one did I dont know why nuthing else worked I dont even have thick corce hair. But the best place it worked was my armes my pits and bum my armes were hairless for maby 3 days or more bum the same. It makes u real soft after u use it also but thats becase it removes some of ur skin with the hair scary thought thats why i stoped using it pluse that cemical seting on your skin will absorb into ur skin and in to ur blood stream, so iv been told thats with all dipilitorys!


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Thanks for the info, what a shame that it is not sold in my country!

These products are very caustic and can cause severe burns if not used exactly according to instructions.

There’s more in the section on depilatories and shaving powders.