made first appointment! a few questions...

I went for a consultation today in Atlanta, GA. The place has been doing laser hair removal for 8 years, has 2 doctors on staff (which tend to just do surgeries, but they are there, nonetheless), and overall seemed pretty good. They have 4 lasers including an alexandrite, Lightsheer Diode, and 2 IPLs.

Here are my concerns: 1) they did NOT do a test spot on me. He said that they have done so many people with skin and hair like mine that the test spot is not necessary. 2) He did say I should only expect to see around 15% reduction per session, which is reasonable, but he said that after each session I should see shedding of EVERY hair that was growing when I had the procedure. In other words, within 2 weeks of the procedure all the hair in the area should shed, and gradually over the next few weeks the new hairs should grow in.

Cost is $350 per session for full chest (from just below nipple to base of neck), and if I do a package deal I save about $50 per session, but I wanted to do an individual session first and see if I like it.

Any comments on my concerns would be appreciated. I will post back next Monday after I have the first treatment!

A test spot may not be neccessary for THEM, but it is necessary for YOU. If they are that confident with their work then they should do a test spot, secure in the knowledge that you will return when you are happy with the results. I would insist, if I were you.