Machine Type

Anybody use a machine called an Elite made by a company called Instantron? Or do you know if they are quality?

Yes, I was able to use the machine at school. It was my second favorite, after the Gentronics. It’s easy to use, and very reliable. I especially liked the auto start feature. It has stood up well to excessive usage in training students.

Not only is Instantron the maker of reliable Electrolysis machines, but they are working on a new model that hopefully will be out some time in the next 2 years. For now, you would do well to get one, just remember to learn how to use it, they are powerful machines, and you could do damage if you don’t know what you are doing.

I have trained on the elite spectrum by Instantron, and bought one after I graduated. I like the machine and the ease of use. Instantron is a great company to do business with and has great tech support when needed. I recommend the elite spectrum to anyone looking for a great machine to work with and do not want to spend the big $ on the Aplius SX-500 or Silhouet Tone Sequentium VMC.