Machine for sale

Hey everyone. After a while of owning a Blendtone by Instantron, I gave up and decided to go pro. I’m not someone who can learn the art of electrolysis. I started treatments last week. If anyone is interested in buying this machine let me know.

Once again, your insistence on NOT putting your location information in your profile bites you again. there are people who might be more interested in buying if they knew they were driving distance away from viewing the machine, and perhaps getting pointers from you.

Of course, you will just continue to ignore pet peeve number one and leave that blank anyway. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

James, usually an inclination to not disclose one’s location in their profile is owing to a preference for privacy, and not an obstinate “insistence” to indulge in “pet peeve number one.” Moreover, I would happily disclose my location to anyone who is even remotely considering this machine once they have private messaged me. Otherwise, due to the intimate and sometimes embarassing nature of the subjects I come to this forum to discuss, I generally prefer to maintain anonymity. Of course, I am more than willing to give just about any information to someone considering this machine, but I would prefer to do it on a one-on-one basis instead of stating it on a public profile. Thanks for understanding and respecting that.

Be nice, James. Anonymity is one of the reasons this site has done so well. That and great contributors like you! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

Don’t misunderstand. We have had this conversation before, which is why I know where Wowzers is, and even the local slang for the area that only those who live there would know. There are just lots of people who look at the machine, look at the blank location spot on the left, and click the back button, instead of saying, Oh, wow, that IS close enough that I would consider it, or they might say, Oh, I don’t want to deal with international shipping, so I will save some time and not bother. Of course others in that area/country would be saying, wow, one in my country!

I really was only mentioning it as a service both to her and to those who are not currently looking through all her posts to find out where she is located.

It is only that I do know where she is generally located that I know that I could have this puppy in the trunk of my car in 2 hours, although it may not get back across the boarder what with the JackBoots holding the imaginary line that comes between us.

is this the machine that is listed on ebay? Why did u find it difficult to use or learn to use?

No, I haven’t listed it on ebay yet. I do have one of the same textbooks the ebay seller is offering though. My problem was that I kept blistering myself. I think there’s something very wrong about the way I do insertions (too close to the surface of my skin and not deep enough–I’m always too afraid to go deep). I’m probably going to post the machine on ebay in a couple of weeks.

Shallow insertions are real bad news. They lead to blow outs, ingrowns and unnecessary tissue damage.

You would be surprised at how many students wash out of electrolysis school because they are too afraid to “Go Deep.” When working on facial hairs, one sometimes burries the entire probe in the skin to reach the bottom of the follicle.

Of course, if you don’t learn the feel that tells you when you hit the bottom of the follicle, you will never get it right.