Mach 3 razor

I’ve been using the Mach # for the past Year and it has been doing the job I wanted it to. I usually buy my Razors at Costco a pack of 20. the last pack I bought were all dull… I was blaming my husband for using my razor. Do you think this may be some sort of ploy to get people to buy the Mach 3 turbo? Just wondering?

Did you take them back and complain? I don’t know about there, but some places will take returns for that sort of thing, if it’s a product defect.

I doubt it’s any kind of deliberate ploy.

I hate the packaging on those 16-20 count Gillette refills like you get at Costco. They take up a lot of unnecessary space and they are a SOB to open. The sharp plastic edges cut your hands when you reach in to get another refill cartridge.

They are only slightly cheaper per blade than the 8 pack you can get at Wal Mart.

As expensive as the blades are I would return them or at least complain to Gillette. You may get some free refills out of it.