mach 3 power - for the ladies :)

ok, you guys too. :wink:

I’ve been using this for about a week (bikini area and underarms) and while I don’t think that its is any closer shave than I’ve had with other razors, I absolutely DO NOT bleed when using it like I’ve had in the past - going against the grain of my very coarse dark hair.

Similar results have been reported from all my brothers who get 5’oclock shadow at 11am. We’re a hairy bunch. lol No neck or face burn and no bleeding.

So, I’m not sure if the battery power thingy has anything to do with it, but I’m certainly much happier having no blood after shaving.

The Venus is the woman’s version of the MachIII and its every bit as good. I am male, and use the MachIII on my face, but the Venus for the rest of my body (armpits, chest, legs, arms) The venus gives a close smooth shave, but the shape of it makes it less likely to cut yourself while shaving armpits and other places that involve curves and edges. Fortunately, the Venus comes in a nice deep blue colour, not pink. the handle is so much easier to hold on to in the shower than the MachIII. By the way, the blades are interchangeable, you could in theory put the venus blades on a machIII handle if you prefer it. Personally, I love the venus razor, though I doubt too many men own one. For a woman, I recommend it over the MachIII

yes but the Venus doesn’t have battery power. The turbo one has a battery that ‘vibrates’ the razor, somehow making the hair stand up. (supposedly)

I am currently using the M3 Power razor. It does seem to shave a little bit closer than the Mach 3 Turbo (unpowered) but it is not a drastic difference. And it does seem to cut less. I have had zero cuts on my legs since I started using it.

The motor is surprisingly quiet too.