Maca Root - my experience


I just wanted to write about my experience using maca root powder. Just as a qualification, I am not affiliated with anybody who is selling this product, nor do I sell it myself - in fact, I just happened to try it kind of by accident.

Anyway, a few months ago, a friend of mine who follows a raw food diet told me about raw maca root powder, which he is taking as a supplement to boost energy. He gave me a kg bag to try as a gift (I know - weird gift) which I promptly stuck in my fridge and forgot about.

I noticed the bag about a couple months ago in my fridge and decided to just try it, since it was there. I began mixing a heaping teaspoon full of the powder in my oatmeal daily in the morning – it actually adds kind of a nice caramelly taste.

I haven’t really noticed any effects in regards to my energy levels, but I did notice quite a big difference in the hair growth on my arms.

I do have quite a bit of body hair (I’m currently getting laser on my legs) and I use an epilator on my arms. Normally the hair grows back fairly quickly after I epilate, and I get quite a few ingrowns if I’m not careful about exfoliating. With the maca root, the hair is growing back much, much more slowly – I still have bald patches – and no ingrowns. I still have some fairly coarse hair on my arms, but a lot of the hair that has come in has come in much finer.

It’s a fairly dramatic difference for me in terms of epilating. I last epilated only once a couple months ago (around the same time as when I started the maca root) and I haven’t bothered to do it again, as I’m still comfortable with the amount of hair I have on my arms. Normally I epilate about once a month or so.

I googled for more info on maca root, and I learned that it is supposed to help in balancing hormones, so maybe this is why I’m having this result.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my story about this in case anybody else wants to try it – I’m sure the results I’m having are due to the maca root - I have not done anything else differently in the past couple of months, and as I’ve said, I see quite a dramatic difference. I’m going to continue with the maca root, and if I see any further effects, I’ll let you all know.

Great post! Maca is absolutely WONDERFUL! I have been using it for about a year now and have had great results. My facial hair is growing back much slower as normally by the evening it’s time to do some tweezing. My periods which at one time where non existent arrive like clock work each month so I know it’s the maca balancing out my hormones. I would rather go the natural way than to be on SO many different medications. With PCOS I carry most of my in my stomach and it has been the hardest thing to loose. Maca also has the tendency to make you gain a couple pounds. I’m now switching to gelatinized which is supposed to be a little better.

Maca is a wonderful way to balance hormones. I began using it by the guide of my acupuncturist during a diet change after being diagnosed with PCOS. I started putting it in protein shakes and I’ve had great results with it.
Now as a certified electrolysist I am beginning to discuss its use with my clients. It’s amazing when we can improve our quality of life and our health through healthy and nourishing foods.

Please don’t forget that most Americans have low energy because they skip breakfast, or they have a breakfast that doesn’t give them enough protein and fiber, while packing in large amounts of fast metabolizing sugars, leading to an energy crash, and caffeine that the body doesn’t like too much either.

Balance out the proteins, fiber, natural sugars, drink water regularly during the day and eat on schedule, and you will always have energy.

Very interesting. I’ve heard that Saw Palmetto paired with Wild Yam Root has also been used by women that have PCOS/hormonal imbalances to slow down hair growth.

@sevastra Palmetto is sometimes used as an all -natural antiandrogen . I dont believe I’ve ever seen a study on it’s effectiveness but some of my transgender sisters have used it as part of a herbal hormone regimen. I should note, that in general herbals dont work, and in fact can block the estrogen receptors from properly attaching to prescribed estrogen later on. So what you are saying makes sense.

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