M2F TS needs LHR referral in W. PA/Ohio

Hi all…
Unfortunately, I picked Pittsburgh to go to school, so I’m here now as opposed to tons of sources back home in Philly.
Being that I have fair skin, type 1-2, along with Black Hairs, I’ve concluded I should be using Sheerlight.
I was wondering if anyone knew of a Laser place in Pittsburgh/Cleveland area that uses the Sheerlight
I’ve also been told to find a place that specializes with transgendered people, but I could honestly care less <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

PS The only 2 places that seem to exist here are Happel who uses Alexandrite, and Yahr who uses IPL (BS)

Again any info is greatly appreciated <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Thank You,

Hi I am an M2F Transsexual too.
I live in Davenport, Iowa and will be traveling to James Walker’s about about every month for electrolysis.

I have found that one of my MTF T’s had poor results from Laser treatment. After 4 years of treatment she is still having to shave and some damage under her skin. She is very disapointed with the results. I believe that if you need to sign a waiver to exempt the person treating you with any extreem light form is a signal to stay away. I personally do not want to take care of and protect my skin from damaging procedures.
As far as I am concerned elecrolosys is the only way for permanent hair removal. It takes a while because the male hair growth on the face is very thick and requires more time for hair removal. It just requires patience. I have been going to James for 4 years and still need to have hair removal. However I work completely in the public eye and no one even notices that I am other than a woman.
James lives and works here in Buffalo, NY about 3 hours from you In Pitsburgh, PA. This is as opposed to my 13 hours that I travel every month from Davenport, IA to have the “best” electrologist and I have tried many. James uses the best equipment and stayes up on all of the new developments and has treated many many Transsexuals and has removed litteraly millions of hairs, from me alone over 20,000. I like him because his methods are permenant and almost painless. In fact I usually sleep through the treatment because of this.

I would like to suggest you considering him for further treatment and be very cautious of any form of shear light or laser treatment. They could permently damage your skin and be visable in the very place you want to make and keep attactive.

These are just my personal experiences and would hope that they help you.

After elec. treatment I use Melaleuc oil which is a highly refined Tea Tree Oil, MelaGel which is a topical balm used especially for this type of procedure and a hypoalergenic tripple antibiotic to speed the healing process. This is all worth it for my skin.

Also with proper skin care daily washing with a skin care foaming wash, Balancing Toner, and moisturizing lotion and the use of the best skin care products you will have beautiful skin.

as you can see I am very methodical and careful with my skin.

Rebecca <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />

I don’t want to talk more about what I use here because it not appropriate to advertize here. If you would like to converse with me more e-mail me at rebeccachesnutt@aol.com

Rebecca Thankyou very much <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
I currently use good Lancome and SK-II products on my face so I’m good in that area. I appreciate your info on electro, however I just know too many girls in real cities that have had great results from laser, and they are good friends of mine not just heresay from online. So after I go down that route of laser, I’ll probably get some electro done.
Again Thank You Now hmmm Where is there a LightSheer LHR in Pittsburgh/Ohio <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

~JL~ <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Hi JL:

I am also a MTF.

I had 10 Lightsheer Laser Diode treatments at first on my face, but still had a lot of regrowth of dark as well as light hairs. If you have any grey hairs at all it won’t affect them, and some think the laser may make them stronger.

Laser is good for reduction, but afterwards you may need electrolysis, which is permanent. Some of the lasered hairs may even come back in a few months or years.

I am up to 60 hours of electrolysis now, and it is working.
I wished the laser would have worked since it is much quicker. It is best to get this out of the way before you go full time. After going full time you don’t need either blasted/smudged hairs and big red blotches/swelling which you can get from laser, or have to grow 3-4 days beard as a woman for electrolysis.

Good luck. If you want laser in your area do a google search with “laser hair and Pittsburgh”. Then phone around.
They won’t care if you are trans or not, as you are a paying customer, and trans people are motivated.


I know once someone makes up their mind, it is hard to dissuade them. I will just say that as far as I am concerned, having laser done on my face was a mistake. I was an “ideal” candidate with light skin and dark hair. I had Lightsheer Diode done on the face and chest with a practitioner that is experienced with transwomen. It has been around six months since my last treatment and I have TONS of regrowth, TONS… I don’t mean light hair, I mean the dark brown and black hair as well. In addition to that, I have some discoloration and splotchiness especially on the neck.

I wish I had started Electrology the second I decided to transition and had the facial hair thinned over time. My skin does not look nearly as good as it did over a year ago. I have now had about 40 hours of electrology and with all of the regrowth from the laser, my clearings are taking more time now not less. I wish I had never wasted my time or precious transition funds on the laser.


Hi JL,
I am WF with black chin hair. I began with electrolysis,(yes I did see a noticeable reduction in hair), but electrolysis was not going fast enough for me, so I had laser on my chin. The first session was ok (at $250.00) the second session (another $250.00)left me with a burn which turned into a scab and remained on my face for about 3 weeks. The scab was so ugly and visible…when others ask what happened to me…well you can figure (it was a difficult time). After two treatments and getting burned I did not see any less hair. I had to hide from the sun, practically bath in suneblock and use every OTC product I could find to try and prevent scaring. Luckily, no scars, but I became terrified of treatments peroid, now here I am three years later seeking electrolysis treatment again. Well, this is my personal story. I wish you the best of results in whichever treatment you choose.
P/S if you choose laser…travel if you must…just be sure the person treating you knows what they are doing.