M, 25 getting ready for 1st LHR treatment on back/shoulders......

Hello all. I am 25, I live in Toronto Canada and I have an appointment next week on Thursday August 4 for my 1st LHR treatment. I have light-pale skin and medium-dark brown hair.

The clinic I am going to has Light Sheer and Vasculight lasers. I don’t know which one they will use but I am guessing the Light Sheer from what I read.

This is the clinic’s URL:


If by chance anyone knows it, it would be helpful for hear their opinions.

Now, each treatment will run me $540. There was better package deal for 5 treatments at roughly $2150 but I cannot afford to pay this all at once so I am forced to pay 1 by 1.

Now, any tips or suggestions anyone has would be amazingly helpful. I plan on updating this thread after each treatment to ‘catalogue’ my experience. Maybe it will be helpful to some people who knows.

But if anyone can help me out as to what I should expect, and what if anything I can ask the tech to see how competent they are, I would appreciate it.

Anyone else having tried LHR on their back, I would appreciate any comments you have too.


I had my back done almost 2 months ago and I like the results even after one treatment. I had to use a gentleyag based on my skin complexion. Like they say, it feels like snapping rubberbands on your back HARD and repeatedly. But the pain really depends on the location. For example near my shoulder blade I could barely feel it but near my kidney area it hurt like heck. I had the nurse do 10 blasts at a time there and follow up with ice pack. I didn’t take any numbing cream… they recommended against it due to large surface area. In future I will probably take some advil or other painkiller to help me out. The pain goes away after a few minutes and after that it is just red and sensitive to the touch for a few days. For about a month there were noticible marks on my back showing I did some treatment but after than it looked more natural except that lot less hair grows back. I’m thinking of doing one more treatment for the back depending on longterm results (knock on wood) to even things out. I’m also considering doing a treatment for my chest and arms. I should note that I am not trying to be hairless like a body builder but rather thin out the hair greatly so it looks like any average man and not like a sweater.

Sweater, glad to hear some positive feedback for another guy who is having (has had) this done.



Okay, so I arrived about 15 minutes early for my appointment. And what a scorcher is was today I tell you. About 5 minutes after I got there the nice tech (lady) came out and called me in. She had told me to shave 1 or 2 days before treatment, but I could not reach some places. So she politely said she would of course do it. So, I signed the required forms, and off we went.

She explained again to me about how it might be painful. I told her no problem. I asked what Laser it was, and she said it was the ‘Aurora’. I saw ‘Syneron’ written on it. She asked if I knew it, I said no. According to what I had read here and elsewhere, I thought she would be using the LighSheer, and their website says they have it. Oh well. I’m hoping she knows best. So I lay face down on one of those massage like tables, with my eyes covered with cotton like circles and a pair of those funny looking little glases like you get at tanning booths.

The cold gel was VERY COLD at first and I actually jumped up a bit. She told me she was going to do it, but I couldn’t see her (obviously) to anticipate when exactly. After a second or two of ger spreading it around, she asked if I was ready, and off we went. Now my entire back does not have hair on it (now anyways). The area of the back of my neck, top of shoulders and inside of the shoulder blades do. But it was clear to me that the ENTIRE back area was going to be treated, as she told me “we are starting with the lower back”, right on my pantline.

Basically she divided the back into ‘grids’. The bottom left, top left, left shoulder/neck part and between my front and back on the side. at first I didn’t know she had started. The machine was beeping every so often, and it wasn’t maybe until the 2nd or 3rd ‘zap’ that I felt it. It felt like a little ‘flick’. Pah I thought. This is nothing. It tickled alittle bit and I started giggling. She thought that was funny.

Now, as I said, I have more hair in and around my shoulder blade area than anywhere else. So, she gets to that area and WHAM. It honestly felt like a rubber band flick, but HARD. ZAP ZAP ZAP as she moved. Also, the sensation I kept thinking of was being shocked. I swear I could feel the sensation of a shock zipping right in. Luckily for me she alernated ‘hemispheres’ while she worked. She did some of the top back for instance, than some of the lower back, than up to the top back for another spot she hadn’t zapped there, and back down and so on and so forth.

Basically, it hurt the MOST wherever I was/am hairiest.

The heat is an issue too though. Basically it was one of those hot/cold deals. It felt like either it could be called really cold, or hot. But as I said her alternating hemispheres meant that one part didn’t get too too hot and uncomfortable. While she went to another it cooled down and then she would come back again to that general area.

Anyhow, she had told me last week that this would be a short 45 minute session, and asked if that was okay. I said sure. Well, she kindly finished my entire left half in about an hour. Back of biceps included where I have some (not alot) of hair. Nice. She wiped me off and I thanked her and went down to the can to splash some water on my face and open my eyes.

When I came up she told me that another patient was running late and we could go another half hour. So she started on the right side the same way. She kept asking me if I was alright and if it hurt. Truthfully, it did alittle near my more hairier parts, but nothing that wasn’t bearable. Actually my foot falling asleep hurt more. She kept saying “You’re so strong”. I guess she is use to people experiencing pain. She even stopped for a second after one of those questions while she was near my right shoulder blade and said, “do you like pain”? I laughed.

So, she ended up doing the entire right side bar alittle on my shoulder and the part on my abdomen between my front and back on my side. I have an appointment tomorrow to finish this fitst session off as she asked nicely for me to go in tomorrow even though I had not planned on it. She said it was better to finish this off ASAP.

As for pain now. None. I fell completely normal.

I will update this after session 2 or if anything else pops up. I hope this works.

Aurora is an IPL. LightSheer is a diode. If this doesn’t produce shedding or desired results and you have light skin and dark hair, I would go with the diode instead.

Wow! That sure seems like a long time!
I have been getting the “tee-shirt” done for a while now.
I have used both the Aurora and Lightshear Diode.
The 2 times I had to use the Aurora was because when I went it for my appt (made in advance) the Lightshear was in for maintance??? They should have called me and asked )in my opinion), needless to say, the Aurora doesn’t work for me.
Yeah, I feel the pain, but I don’t get any shedding.
The Lightshear is the best for me.
And yes, it hurts, especially the back of my neck, OUCH!!!


So, how am I feeling? Great. Completely normal. No redness, no soreness, nothing.

Except that the hair seems to be growing slower. Surprisingly slower. I’ve already seen some shedding. Taking a look at the inside of my undershirt before a shower and I see quite a few hairs. Alot of the ones that are coming look charred and crisped, even alittle thinner than normal. I hope this is good.