Lyra Laser


ive been reading about this almost painless suited for dark skin laser. anyone have any info on it? ive even read its good for razor bumps and ingrown hairs on a male beard. any comments?


Lyra is not almost painless. That’s definitely hype. Lasers like Lyra are being used to treat men who can’t shave due to pseudofolliculitis barbae. However, as with all lasers, it is very important to go to a good practitioner with lots of experience treating your skin color. Darker skin is much more likely to have problems with laser, even with super-long pulse models like the Lyra.


Would I get a groan from the peanut gallery if I said that this is why men with folliculitus get electrolysis? Since we are targeting specific hairs one at a time, we are both releasing the trapped hairs, and destroying the follicles as we go. The pain of the ingrown hairs would soon be a memory. We also can give better assurance that no negative side effects would be present, and the after care is much less.