Lyra laser user sine aug.

hi, i just wanted to share what ive learned so far by having laser done. ive been researching for awhile and finally started treatments on my face back and shoulders.

1st off im tan to dark skinned so i oped to use the lyra laser. my 1st treatment on my lower neck at the highest setting killed off 90% of the hair. i know this could be unheard of but the doctor says since my hair so black the heat really takes to it. so anyone willing to do laser on their face and has black black thick hair i suggest the lyra at the highest setting. worked for me.

my back and shoulders have been responding well too. at the highest setting by the 2nd treatment ive been a 50% decrease in over all desity and amount of hair. the 1st too left marks for a few weeks but the 3rd hasnt, i guessing because the hair has gotten thinner.

now the drawbacks, ive found when doing laser on your face it leaves these welts for a week to 2 weeks, keep in mind i used the highest settings from he get go so that could be it but it wasnt all too painfull.

i also had the outer parts of my cheeks done and i havent had such great results. i think the hair there is too deeply rooted in the skin so we used to smaller finer handpiece at higher powers to treat that, hopefully it works better this time around.

i hope i helped someone decide that laser is a good choice but it is a commitment and an expensive one at that.


i’ve also beenusing the lyra laser and have had awsome results… i’ve had my underarms and bikini done and i love it… i’ve had 6 treatments so far and there’s like no hair… some super fine ones but that’s it