Lyra Laser, please advise !!!!!!!

I am female with male pattern facial hair, that means dark-course and I shave daily which produces stubble. (chin,face,neck,sideburns).

I rec’d my first consultation with Doctor /clinic who uses the Lyra Laser. I have white pale irish skin with naturally dark brown hair (green eyes).
Dr made no comment about this laser being better for dark skin types, he said the beard i have should go 20% after each session.

Im now worried that this laser is only effective on dark skin?

has anyone used Lyra what results did you find?
More importantly has anyone with pale skin used lyra and had positive results?

Further, he patch tested my chin (free test) and i felt nothing, he then turned it up to maximum and i felt a tiny tiny lil zap, NOthign compared to the pain of electrolysis. I have no rednesson patch test, no irritation and no result as of yet, this was today.

Help please thanks!!!11