Lye Keeps Working?


My electrologist recommends blend because she says the lye stays in the pore and keeps killing new follicles over time. Is this true?

I always thought blend just killed one follicle, not several? Can the lye really stay there long enough to make a difference?



There is a minute amount of sodium hydroxide formed when doing the blend, and yes it does continue to act on the follicle for a short period of time (maybe an hour or so). I don’t believe it will remain static for a significant amount of time.

Although nobody has even done a test on a live person, my guess is that the lye remains in the skin for no more than a few seconds (if that). The body quickly balances the Ph of lye. After all, the lye is in direct contact with the “moving” blood.

I’m hoping our resident chemist here will offer an opinion. I mean “Brenton.”

That makes sense, I couldn’t see the lye sitting there for long periods of time and not causing serious damage.