Lumpy skin/cellulite yrs after laser?

What do you think natural aging/cellulite or changed skin from lasers heat?

Anyone else who have had laser hair removal on their arms and legs and noticing bumpy skin texture like cellulite? I see it more in the sunshine and its a rolling kind of lumpiness.

I figure I can blame it on my aging process (37) but seem to be getting cellulite all down my thighs and calves. Same with my upper and lower arms (kinda strange). I had laser first in 2005-2007 and a couple touch ups in 2009/10. I have used multiple (diodes, diodes RF, IPl, IPL RF and yags) lasers except alexandrites and rubys.

I do remember red puffiness from pulse lines lasting a day or two and wonder if this upped the collagen production in these lasered area’s? Also single random pulsing done with missed/stubborn hairs.

I should mention I have gained 15-20 pounds since my first laser session and have had over 10 treatments on my arms/legs throughout the yrs (some of these were just touch ups).

Interesting. I’ve assisted in only 3 or 4 “lipo” surgeries but the two physicians I’ve worked with feel that those studying the condition should focus more on the collagen structures than on the fat itself.

Fat in the skin is neatly organized and suspended by collagen strands: almost in a box-like situation. For some reasons these structures lose their flexibility and become tough or more rigid. In this way, when the fat cells get bigger the structure “holds back” parts of the fat and you get the “cottage cheese” look. You can’t “diet” this away.

Could laser initiate or cause this? Does anybody know, or is anyone studying this? If this is a side effect, it’s going to take many more years of documentation. Dr. Goldman lectured that continued inflammation (including laser treatments) can cause “inflam-aging” of the skin because the fibroblasts get “worn out.” (Your most youthful fibroblasts are probably in your butt! And that’s why you seldom have wrinkles there … no sun etc.)

Laser treatments for “plumping the face” look good initially because the swelling fills in the “wrinkles.” Too much of a good thing? Yeah, some additional aging could take place. One of the factors of photo-aging is the inflammation (as well as UV) that ages the collagen and fibroblasts. The collagen gets more rigid and inflexible.

thanks for your comment … you got me thinking!

There are no studies that show this so far. And it would be pretty difficult to prove without a double blind study. It’s hard to say at this point what would have happened to your skin with normal aging without any laser treatments. Also, skin is more clearly visible without hair on it so people often start noticing things that were always there, but they just never paid attention to them because they focused on the hair (which is the part that bothered them).

So, couldn’t the same be said for the inflammation caused by electrolysis causing permanent damage and premature aging?

How do your mother’s arms and legs look? I know so many people, myself included, who are carbon copies of one of their parents. If your mom has the cellulite issue, then there is a good chance that this is a natural part of your physiology.

I’ve never trusted lasers for this reason, ie. the potential for long term skin damage. I was always under the impression that all light was aging, not just UV.