Lumenis Lightsheet Diode vs Lightsheer DUET

Hi - Im considering either of those but am unsure which to choose . The dermatologist says DUET as its his new machine but has worked with the Lightsheer Diode on me and seen good results.

I am male 30, Indian skin color- on the lightish side though- i dont know what it would be on the 1-VI scale. My guess is between 3 and 4. Im very light skin for indian skin tone-

I got a few sessions of laser done using the Lumenis Lightsheer Diode on my butt so far and frontal sides pelvic area (not on the pubic region)- im kind of happy with the results-

1st session- 30J - PW 100- 467 shots (Butt)
2nd session- 33J - PW-30 408 SHOTS (FRONTAL SIDES PELVIC)
4TH SESSION - 23J - PW 30- 324 SHOTS

Maybe the Pulse Width of 100 is a mistake on my part for the 1st session but i copied this down from thier note book- must be a typo lol

I had a 5th session too - and 6 months after id say i have seen some re growth but not really much so im happy with the results.

Now we come to my main question:

My Dermatologist has just bought the Lumenis Lightsheet Duet machine. I want both legs lasered. Should i go with the regular Lumenis Diode or the Lumenis Duet. According to him, he says both would be fine and more or less the same but the Duet is less painful and has a much larger shot area so its much quicker and more pain free.

Experts - i need your advice-- Thanks a ton! Also hes not charging for a package of 6 but iv always only been paying him per session- hes a good dermatologist here in India and isnt a medspa - Thanks !

You may get more reliable results with the older diode since the doctor already knows the settings for you. even thought they are both lightsheer, the newer larger spot size will mean a change in settings.

He probably would rather use the Duet lightsheer because it would be a much faster treatment for him, but he may also still be getting to know the newer laser. This could be a disadvantage for you. If you want to use the newer laser, ask him to do 2-3 test spots with different settings at least 2 days before the actual treatment.

100 is a setting option for the lightsheer.

Thanks, that sounds logical to me. I was leaning more towards the DUET for the first few treatments because of lesser pain for such a larger area.

Should i try giving the DUET a shot for the first 2 sessions and maybe later switch to the regular LightSheer Diode ??- just so it wont sting as much? I realized that even with the regular Diode, it became more tolerable with successive sessions.

Thanks again.!

  • What spot size does the original machine have, 9mm or 12mm? That makes a difference. If they use an auto setting, the pulse width is half of the joules used. That’s what most techs use.

  • If you got good results with the original machine, I would probably stick with it unless you are positive the tech knows how to use the Duet well. It’s not going to be less painful if settings are good. Yes, it has a large spot size, but that also means the tech needs to be knowledgeable enough to set the settings well. But you can also judge that after one treatment and seeing if you get good shedding at least.

@LAGirl- Thanks :slight_smile: I think that my doctor did not use the auto setting because he kept manually adjusting the strength and asking me whether i could take it or not-

Im so confused as to what i should do- to give you an idea of the price, i would be paying $220 for the entire leg/pelvic/butt area and im 6ft2inches tall - but this is a doctor (not a tech) in India- Not sure what id be paying for a comparable service in the US- Im here just another year before i return to the US so im thinking id get a few sessions done -

Thanks a ton!

It’s a decent price, but not much cheaper than what you can find in the US. Prices in the US vary greatly.

Thanks- I met my dermatologist again and though i said i am leaning more towards the older Lumenis Lightsheer, he preferred the DUET - obv. because its quicker for him but he says that results would be more or less the same after 5 sessions. He also said that the first 2-3 sessions itself would be better on the older Lightsheet but if you go ahead post 2-3 treatments, results get fairly similar, with lesser pain.

Im giving this laser a shot, we will see how it goes! If it doesnt work after 3 treatments, i will have him switch to the older Lightsheer machine–