Lucy Peters

I am considering Lucy Peters in Philadelphia or Cherry Hill, NJ. Does anyone know what type of electrolysis they perform? I didn’t see this site until after my consultation and their brochure doesn’t specify whether or not their machine is the “blend” type.

Lucy Peters International is a New York based manufacturer and practitioner with 9 locations. Peters’ proprietary Integrated System is a flash thermolysis device used in conjunction with flexible, insulated, bulbous-tipped probes.

Owner Lucy Peters co-authored a widely-quoted medical paper with Dr. Albert Kligman:

Histologic changes in human hair follicles after electrolysis: a comparison of two methods.

Cutis, August 1984, 34:169-176.

While the methodology of the comparison has been questioned, this is widely considered to be one of the best discussions of the effect of electrolysis and theories of regrowth prevention.

Peters makes repeated claims that her device will result in 0% regrowth without adequate substantiation. She claims it is “immediately permanent,” which is a bit of an exaggeration. No hair removal manufacturer or method has been able to demonstrate that level of effectiveness in clinical data. Although their services are generally considered to be good, it’s a shame they resort to this sort of overpromise.

I agree with Andrea, and add that if you search your area, you may very well find that you can get treatment that is the same, or better elsewhere at a lower cost. Just keep in mind what we say here all the time, “Get as many consultations and sample treatments from as many practitioners as you can so that you can make an informed choice on who should get the job contract of being your personal electrologist.”

Our office is has many x-Peters patients. Remember electrology is only as effective as the electrologist using the equipment.

They use short wave, thermolysis and that’s it!

Good PR and advertising works. Once a hair is removed, that “particular hair” will never regrow, 100%. But that same hair follice could possibly grow another hair if it was not totally destroyed. Be careful with advertising techniques.

If you click to: It will help you determine a good electrologist in your area.

I am 1 hour from Cherry Hill and do know that there is an office there that uses the blend. Ask for Linda at Chole Handlers on Rt. 70. VERY professional office. Let us know how you do.

Thanks everyone. I have chosen to find a practioner that uses the “blend” technology. I am so glad I found this site before I made an appointment with Peters. I have recommended this site to my friends who are considering hair removal.