Lucy Peters International- Integrated System??

Hi all…

Has anyone tried Lucy Peters Integrated System?

I’ve only gone twice so far. I have really sensitive skin-- it’s definitely making my skin red, bumpy…actually causes breakouts and i’m a little nervous it’s causing some discoloration/scarring.

The lady doing it does make me a bit nervous-- her English really isn’t that great, so getting my questions answered so that I understand is difficult.

I’ve heard this is the best Electrolysis procedure-- and I just wanted to see if anyone else has tried it, and if they’re pleased?

Thanks for your time!


I have been going to Lucy Peters in Bryn Mawr, PA since January. I am pleased with the results thus far. Not sure what location you are going to, but my technician is slightly hard to understand as well, and I was frustrated in the beginning, too. Who are you seeing?

I have sensitive skin and get extremely red right after, which fades within an hour. but then I have tiny little scabs that fall off within a few days. It’s fine within a few days, and I am happy so far. I do get a few pimples, but I believe this is due to the numbing cream and not getting it all off right away after treatment. I definitely have acne prone skin to begin with.

I hope this helps, and if you are going to the same location as i am, maybe i can answer a few more questions for you. Bye bye!

Hi there,
Thanks for your reply.
I’m going to the location in South Jersey. The person working on me is Russian-- I believe, but not quite sure.

I’ve been thinking about going to the location in New York just to try out a different person…and see if they can answer my questions more clearly. When you’re dishing out a lot of money on something you SO badly want to work-- you wanna make sure your comfortable, ya know?

I hear Lucy Peters is the best, so I’d like to continue with them.

I believe the woman working on me is Ukranian. She knows her stuff, but that was hard for me to understand in the beginning because I found it difficult to know what she was saying. Aren’t there any other people in the office who can answer questions for you?

I heard about Lucy Peters from my dermatologist. I think they are really expensive, but I want the job done right. I have never tried others, though, so I have no comparison. I just know that I am happy so far and rather spend the money there than somewhere else and not get the job done. I sarted with my face, and still working on it a little, but have also started my abdomen and bikini area. I know each tech works differently and at different speeds. Only time will tell if it is permanent or not.

I do remember looking in the mirror after the first treatment and wanting to cry because of all of the redness, but it was better in a few hours. I was shocked, but now i know what to expect. Maybe others can chime in and let you know if it’s overtreatment. I do not think it is becuase the symptoms go away in a few days. But check with others. Hope it works out for ya. I am SO glad i did it, and wish I had done it sooner! I just need to save more money now for treatments. It’s expensive!

That makes me feel better that you’re definitely pleased thus far.

One of the things I couldn’t really make out was how many treatments I’d need. She started to tell me that after six treatments (spanning three months) that I’d definitely see the big difference…and then just treatments here and there afterwards. Doesn’t quite sound like enought for me personally-- I have my entire face that I’m trying to get done. (chin, upper lip, sides, eyebrows…)

Can you tell me how many treatments (or timeframe) that you went through before you really noticed the reduction of hair?

I went every 2 - 2.5 weeks and did notice a lot of reduction in the amount of time she specified (6 sessions) but that was mainly in the upper lip and chin area. we started there and worked our way to other places. those 6 sessions will get rid of the ugly stuff you want gone, and then they will get the other ones that may have been missed or not able to be permanently removed in the following sessions. you will see a huge difference in about 3 treatments, depending on how fast she works. I still get a few here and there that she takes care of and then we go to other areas.

I’m curious if you are seeing the same person I am, as I know she travels to different locations different days of the week. Either way, I think within a few more sessions you will start to see major results and be happy. I had a lot of questions in the beginning, and ended up there and am happy with it.

i have to admit that not everything was answered the way i thought it should have been in the beginning. Like they would not do a sample or test area for me at my consultation. maybe i should have never made the first appointment, but now that i have been going, i am hapy with the way things are turning out, and could not imagine tweezing ever again!

Just stick with the schedule and follow their directions, and you will be fine. any other questions, just ask.

If you use the search feature of this site, you will find lots of posts regarding Lucy Peters, Int’l.

It is very difficult to give a person a number of hours, or number of visits till completion. Not the least of the problems with doing that, is one doesn’t know how frequently the client will come in, so as to allow one to remove all hairs during growth phase once the first clearance is done.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

Here’s one place where LP was discussed:
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L.P. is basically thermolysis and that’s it! Plus good PR and advertising. Treatment is only as good as the electrologist doing the work.

Experience, education, honesty and True concern for the patient are the virutes a patient should look for.