Lucy Peters - Any opinion on Asians?

I am looking for opinion from any Asian Indian woman(or that type light brown skin tone with dark hair) who has been treated at Lucy Peters-NYC? How are their results in the hours they recommend for your treatment? Just like to hear any feedback on this since i have my first appointment to treat my chin, sideburns and jaw area soon, and little conscious about my decision. In past I already been through Twizzing, Waxing and laser on my face but, have not got any positive results from these methods of hair removal. So finally have made my decision to go for Lucy Peters, I like to know weather its a right decision. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

i’ve heard the name but i don’t know anyone who has gone there. The only thing i remember is that it was the most expenssive place i called in Philly at $130/hour.

Getting electrolysis done however is a very good decision on your part, don’t doubt that.

Although you an get good treatment at Lucy Peter’s, you should look at all your local options. You will find that it is possible to get treatment that is as good, or better for less than the price at Lucy Peter’s, if my information is correct.

Thank you guys for your feedback. I’ll update you on my experience after i go for my first treatment this weekend.

I had my first treatment to treat my side burns, chin and neck area. I had to shave all my hair one week before treatment. When i went for my appointment, lady told me not many hair grew after shaving, as they grow in stages. she actually had me booked for 1.5hrs, but it took about 1hr. for first treatment, cost me $130+tax. I thought pain was not as bad as the pain i felt from laser treatment. I felt very light needle poking throgh my skin, and also felt her taking out my hair afterwords. After treatment, my skin had minor red bumps, I had put some lotion on my face from the L. peters office. Most of the bumps were gone after 3 hrs. and next day skin just looked normal. I thought it was a great first experience and the people were great. I have my second treatment in 2 weeks, till then take care.
I have one question, can you do electrolysis to shape eye brows or is it harmful to eyes?

Electrolysis is not at all harmful to the eyes and is frequently performed to shape the eyebrows. It’s a nice luxury. Laser’s should not be used near your eyes. I just wouldn’t take any chances in this area with laser.

You can have a make-up artist shape your eyebrows first and then have an electrologist maintain the shape you want or you can trust the judgment of the electrologist to do this. I frequently tell my clients to find the look they like, and I will follow the pattern they establish. A mirror is close by so they can give me feedback as we proceed.

Glad to hear things are going well for you. Your healing scenario sounds perfect.


Thankyou so much for the information on eyebrow. One more question I have, after my first treatment some of my shaved hair is still not grown, its been 2.5 weeks that I shaved and 1.5 weeks that I had my first treatment. I have my second treatment on March 5th. If my hair dose not grow by then, do you suggest I cancel my appointment until it grows, or I should just keep up with my appointment even if hair are not grown? Thanks!

If you have hair, have it treated. You may just have a shorter treatment.

Of course, if you don’t have any hair, you don’t have anything to treat. Of course, some people pay to just visit with their electrologists, because they are so entertaining. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />