Lovely black streaks

Have you ever bought a brand new electric razor and found that when you use it, it smudges black all over you? Seriously. This has happened to me TWICE. Brand new! Anyone have the foggiest idea what’s up with that?

What brand of razor is it? Foil or rotary?

It sounds like clippings falling out of the razor? That is normal. Some shavers do it more than others. Some cutters are designed to do that so that they keep themselves clean and do not clog as easily. This results in a closer shave.

I use a Braun synchro (foil) and if I have over a day’s growth on my beard it will leave some smudges, either on my beard, or the bathroom counter. However the Braun cutter does not clog as easily as ther foil shavers and it does shave closer.

BTW, the best way to clean an electric is with an old toothbrush dipped in 91% rubbing alcohol. DO NOT srub the foil though or you will break it. You can soak it in a cup of acolhol for 5 minutes to help clean it. I use an air duster, like they use on electronics, to blast clippings out of hard to reach places. These steps are not necessary if you have a Braun with the self cleaning module like the 7526. All you have to do with it is put it in the cradle, push the top down and it does the rest. It shoots cleaning fluid into the head turns the shaver on and then flushes it out. It even has a fan to dry it out. It works very well and saves a lot of time.


They are often oiled at the factory. Some have instructions for how to remove excess oil (often similar to RJC’s tips).

Once you get it broken in, the gunk should stop. They often come with a clear oil you can use to lube it up. Sometimes running it after applying the clear oil will dislodge any icky dark stuff.