Loupes selecting right pair

Hello I’m in process of learning electrolysis on my own ( unless anybody knows of any apprenticeship opportunities)

And I am researching for magnification. I definetly want high quality surgical loupes. My concern is I really do not know what specs I need such as the magnification level etc. I can’t find any places that distribute or sell them anywhere near where I live in Phoenix Arizona. I could order a pair online but I feel I need to try them on and possibly compare with other magnification levels

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how somebody looking to start electrolysis is to shop for loupes

If you either know of a place in Phoenix where I can make an appointment and actually try pairs on

Is it an ophthalmologist office or where are they even sold?
Is this even how it works?
Am I crazy to think that I would like to try the pair on before spending $1k plus on a pair

Every time I begin to seek options I get very overwhelmed because there are so many different features surgical loupes have I need to break it down into all of my options and then decide which features are a must have or would be the same for everyone using for electrolysis and then the ones that are personal preference.

My concerns:

I would like a pair that could strap around my head without putting pressure on the bridge of my nose if possible. I had surgery 5 years ago and still I cannot put pressure on the nose without getting a headache.

I also would like to be able to see the hairs the closest and clearest possible while being able to maintain as much physical distance from the area I am working on
( I have this concern that a client could jerk their body either by accident and hit me in the face. ) has this ever happened to anyone? Is this a legitimate concern of mine?

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I actually am wondering the exact same thing, however I will be starting the AIE school in California I believe in June or July, it’s mostly online and 5 and a half weeks I will have to travel to the school which is an investment I will make as I really want to learn. If you don’t mind me asking what machine are you starting out on and where did you purchase. Getting back to your question I have seen some really cheap plastic looking things online and have saw some terribly expensive ones as well. The woman who is currently performing mine said it’s best to be fitted for them, yet I didn’t ask her I will when I go end of next week and try to check back in.