Loupes...please help!

Hi all, I’ve been trying to research loupes and I’m still just as confused as I started. What magnification and working distance have some of you found ideal for yourselves? I have prescription glasses so will either need headband types or need to get them custom made. I had another Electrologist tell me that even 5x loupes will make a huge difference but would it really be much better than my 5D magnifying light?

What magnification and working distance works for any of you who have loupes?


I have 3.5x X 420 mm loupes from china, I almost never use them. I find I completely lose my depth perception with them. By the way 3.5 X is equivelelent to 5 diopter. I’m still resorting to my 5 diopter circle lamp. Aside fromt he depth perception, I find the 420 mm focal length an uncomfortable working distance, I’d prefer to get it down to the 250 -300mm range.

My partner has specially tailored loupes just for her, she loves them. I’m unsure of the cost, though, they were in the 1500-3000 dollar range I believe.