I’m currently enrolled in online theory and will be going to another state to do my practical training starting in July. Before I decided to undergo electrolysis myself, I admit to being an addicted tweezer. I’ve not tweezed a chin hair since December 2016!

WTH does this have to do with the subject line? Well, I’m a 45 yo lady and am just getting to the bifocal stage of life. When I tweezed, I used two different mirrors. The 3x always ticked me off, I couldn’t see well enough. The 10x was better for the most part.

I’m seeing loupes that are all 3.5x and I’m very worried that this isn’t enough. I DO wear contacts every day (power of 7.75 I think negative 7.75) and absolutely can’t see without them. I really want to start off right at practical and not try out all the mag lamps they have.

I read on an older thread that working distance of 330mm is the “norm” for electrologists.

Any advice for the wannabe in training?

The higher the magnification for glasses, the shorter the working distance from your client. I like my working distance to be at least 12".

Since you are learning theory and will soon begin your practical, my suggestion, before investing in optics is:
go to school, work on the other students, try whatever magnification the school has, determine a comfortable working distance for yourself and then shop around.

Big budget? Try Designs for Vision. They visit your location, measure you and will build a set of optics personally for you that incorporates your Rx.
Small budget? Try the various size magnifications that you can attach to your Rx glasses.

Have you had any experience with circle lamps and tying insertions?
If you would have such difficult time with circle lamps, you can invest in Chinese or Indian brand loupes that sell on ebay which still offer more magnification than any circle lamp. If your budget permits high quality loupes, you can look into https://www.orascoptic.com/products/loupes/hdl-prisms-35x-55x with variable powered loupes so you’re not constrained to one preset power.

I knew the working distance needed to be 12 inches or so. And I’ve done some studying of my own arms through my personal practitioner’s circle lamp. I don’t know what diopter it is, but I wouldn’t want to be going after vellus hairs with that.

Guess I’ll just calm my excited jets and try it in July, lol

As for DIY what do you guys suggest? I have prescription glasses so I don’t know how comfortable those add on magnifications would be. Is a circle mag lamp enough for DIY and what diopter should I go for? I’m kind of struggling finding find on eBay because I can’t tell if they’re using Diopter or Magnification.

Another thing to consider regarding loupes is that the higher the magnification the smaller your field of vision. Anything over a four and you only see an area the size of a coin.