Lots of questions - looking to take the plunge

i type as quick as i talk, so sorry for the length… I’ll just jump right in

  1. I am a “whiteboy” of English descent with coarse dark brown hair and pretty light skin (not Irish white, but light). I dont know where I fall on the chart, but is there a certain type of laser that would be best for me?

  2. My biggest question, is that I have just too much hair all over. Its the quantity of hair and the length. Some hair follicles have 2 or 3 hairs growing out of them on my chest, and I have hair on my back (not 100%, but 75% at least), upper arms, sides, back of hands, just about everywhere. If I got a certain area treated I feel like I’d look weird unless I got other areas done too… so for example I want to get my butt done, but I dont want a sharp line between butt and legs. How do the techs handle this? Also, I would like to have my chest, legs, and arms be less hairy - could I get a couple of treatments there instead of a full course and expect maybe 30-40% reduction instead of 90% on other areas (like back)??? Or would it grow in patchy and look weird?

Basically I have the type of body where there is some hair almost everywhere… underarm hair connects to upper arm hair which connects to forearm hair. I just want to look normal - medium amount on chest and stomach (Sean Connery type), none on back, shoulders, upper arms, butt, feet, or hands. but I dont want sharp weird looking lines either. And I want chest, belly, legs, and forearms to be about 40% reduced in hair. Am I too demanding? Can LHR do this for me?

  1. Sooo… if they do your butt, does it go right down to the bottom, if you know what I mean? Does it go forward to the base of the family jewels? Or is it just like the butt cheeks? I’d hate to do LHR only to have to trim areas like below genitals.

  2. I hear some folks having good results, others mixed, others bad. Before I drop a ton of cash, how do I know who is good? I am in Boston (north shore) anyone known good around here? There is a LHR place about 300 yards from my office but how do I know if they are any good?

  3. Can someone give me a price range on getting all the parts I mention above done? I mean if I had to pay $10k over 18 months for treatment like this, it would be worth it if it really worked.

  4. My expectations are I can get 90% reduction in the areas I mentioned. I have coarse black hair on shoulders now… if I could have some fine and not “OMG it feels like sandpaper” type stuff, the type of hair your girlfriend won’t shriek about, then I would be happy. I think my expectations are realistic, right? or not right?

  5. I get cloggest pores/pimples on the shoulder, arm, etc, from time to time. I have discovered that what will happen is the new hair will grow, but before it makes it out of the follicle, it will somehow get caught and poke into the skin below the surface, causing a blackhead. Not a lot - maybe 5-10 of them on my body at any given time inclusive, but I’m guessing LHR would eliminate the hair, thereby eliminating the problem at it’s source, right??? or wrong?

Any feedback is great - I am 27 YO male and this is the biggest shame of my life. I’ve dropped 100lbs in the past year, gotten into good shape, and if I could solve this one problem, my self image would be great as opposed to “look good with clothes… horrible without” that I have now. So as you can imagine I’m chomping at the bit to FINALLY conquor this horrible problem once and for all.

  1. If you want to thin the areas, make sure you have a GOOD technician. After my first treatment there were SEVERAL missed areas so it came out looking very patchy. Some clinics offer a free touch-up a week later, once you can tell which areas were clearly missed. I’d go to a clinic like that if you’re only looking to thin out the area.

Sorry I can’t answer more of your questions… I’m new to the whole laser thing too! I just had my second treatment yesterday.