Lots of questions - and help finding a clinic in Sydney, Aus

A few years ago, after saving up about $10,000, I had a course of LASER and IPL treatments (the clinic I went to had a new machine practically every time I went for treatment!). Unfortunately, the only thing the treatments permanently removed was (you guessed it) my $10,000.

I’m finally ready to go back for another try at the permanent hair removal game, and this time I’m going to heed all the warning sings and go for electrolysis.

I live in Sydney, Australia, and am trying to work out the best place to go for treatment - ie, some place that will have the most suitable machines for my needs, will be the most cost effective, and will be able to take on a fairly large job.

I’m a 26 year old male who has hair just about everywhere. I mainly had LASER/IPL treatments done on my chest and back, so there has been some reduction there (just not very much) … but I basically want my chest/stomach/back/shoulders/arms done, and maybe a thinning on my legs (not a complete removal). So yeah, a big job.

From what I’ve read here, a job that size seems best suited to flash thermolysis … but no-where in Sydney really seems to do this (that I can find). Is this really the process I should be searching for? I notice a few reputable looking places offer multi-probe galvanic. Is that too slow? A couple offer the option of two machines at once using this process. Would that make up the difference?

I know that it’s hard to assess things over the internet, but any pointers to the following questions would be appreciated:

[1] Does anyone know any good places for electrolysis in Sydney that could handle a case like mine? There was a referral in the referrals forum for the
Advanced Electrolysis Centre, Sydney, but that seems to offer galvanic. Ditto Permanence.

[2] What methods should I consider, and which should I rule out totally as being too slow? Specifics would be good, so I can call up places and ask in an informed way.

[3] I know this is pretty much impossible, but could anyone make a ballpark guess at how many hours of treatment time it would take (total)?

Sorry for such a long post and so many questions!

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!!

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Do a search on “most times per hair”, then maybe “cost” and possibly “best Machine” using the search feature.

I really can’t rewrite those books here again.

You really need to try to find someone in your area doing thermolysis, or at the very least blend, or your work will go so slow that you will give up, and even if you don’t, you will be old and grey before you remove all the hair that you are talking about.

Speed of work is a function of the number of hairs you have to remove, the amount of space that hair takes up, the speed your practitioner can remove hair on you personally, and the number of hours and frequency of appointments you can give to the cause.

The time it takes to remove a hair in thermolysis is one second or less, the time required in Blend is often less than 10 seconds each, while Straight Galvanic would require more than one minute per hair. Even when you add a 32 probe multi-probe galvanic curtain to the mix, you are still in need of each of the 32 probes to be set in place, hope none of them fall out, and then hit the juice. You will then be cooking 32 hairs all at once, but, how long did it take to set them all up, and then treat them, and then take out all the hairs, all the probes, and set up for the next 32? You are back to it taking more than a minute per hair anyway. I have been told by long time Multi-Probe Galvanic practitioners that if you get around 100 hairs per hour, you are doing well in multi-probe work. In the same time, a fast blender, could remove more than 200 hairs, and a decent thermologist/diathermy practitioner would do 500 hairs or more.

This is depressing: I can’t find a place in Sydney that does thermolysis. Everywhere vaguely reputable seems to do multi-probe galvanic, which, it seems from your post, is totally unsuitable.

It seems that every other store in Sydney does IPL (it’s crazy how many places will offer you “permanent” hair reduction in this city). Surely I can’t be the only person in a city of 5 million people who found the LASER/IPL route to be unsatisfactory and would rather make the investment of more time and money for a process that actually has a good track record!

Any chance that I could do anything useful in 250-300 hours of multi-probe galvanic? (That’s when my money and more importantly my patience would well and truly run out!) Or should I just get used to IPL-ing it and accept that I’ll need to go back every few months for my adult life … ?

Maybe I need to come over to the land of Lucy Lawless and teach a class or two on Thermolysis/Diathermy. It is not that you can’t get good treatment in galvanic, the problem is the numbers: 300 hours in Galvanic = 30,000 hairs, 300 hours in Thermilysis = 150,000 hairs.

Hi There,

I am getting quite a bit of work done in Sydney. You are right in that there are no electrologists using flash here. Most offer multi-probe galvanic, thermolysis and blend.

I’ve heard Advanced is good in Paddington. However, if you check out the website, she re-uses the needles (a set of needles is used just for you). I am not partial towards this at all and would insist on new needles each time.

I once had a consultation at Permanence and would really give them a miss. They train their electrologists “in-house” and after only a couple of months let them out on the unsuspecting client. I’ve also heard pretty negative feedback from others about Permanence so buyer beware.

Since starting treatments in April, I’ve never been more delighted. The results have been fantastic and the freedom that comes with it is really life changing. Yes, I sound like an evangelical here - but I can’t help it. Electrolysis works (no matter what the modality) so give it a go. Just make sure you go to an experienced, caring practitioner.

All the best!