lotion after laser?

hi :slight_smile:

i had my first laser treatments on my legs and bikini about a week and a half ago. i’m supposed to be using lotion, but the aftercare said not to use lotions with alpha hodroxy so i’m paranoid about using a lotion that will mess everything up

i do have some pepper spots so i guess i need to exfoliate too? i’ve been using a washcloth, but maybe i need something stronger?

anyways i was hoping you guys could recommend a good lotion or exfoliant. thanks x

You mention you are supposed to be using a lotion, was it recommended by your practitioner ?

In general there is no problem using a lotion for moisturizing after a laser treatment, but I would suggest avoiding a highly scented product.

When doing laser treatments I suggest aftercare include refraining from sun or tanning bed exposure for a minimum of three weeks.

Don’t over think this part. Some soothing lotion with Aloe Vera and such right after treatment does not hurt. Since legs are always exposed to sun light, I’d consider sunblock SPF 30 while you’re in process of laser. Alpha Hydroxy is not commonly used in body lotions and reason to avoid it during laser it increases sensitivity to sun/ light. For exfoliants stick to shower loofa but don’t over scrub. Most pepper spots will shed on their own eventually and if not, the next laser treatment always “burns” them off with no problem.

Tamara, Alpha Hydroxy Acids are chemical exfoliants that are often used in acne treatments (and don’t normally come in body lotions as they increase skin sensitivity.) You can use any kind of soothing lotion that is free of Sodium Sulphates, Parabens, and fragrance. Don’t over think this, like Fenix said! Just make sure your skin is moisturized and you have at least an SPF 30 on it! That would be your best bet.

thank you everybody! i definitely have a tendency to over think hahah, glad i’m doing the right thing and thanks again for the replies :slight_smile: