lost in wisconsin

Thanks to those who helped me out. i live on the east side of wisconsin on the lake right between milwaukee and green bay. If anyone knows of any electrologists around that area let me know. Im still not sure about the payments, i am only 19 and might have a hard time if it is something that i am not able to put on plastic. I did call one electrologist in my area, and she charged $43 an hour. Does this seem too low? and thanks again to you, what i need right now is support No one that i know knows about this problem of mine and its so hard to deal with alone.

I can’t offer a name(s) for you in your area since I live in Ohio. Did you check the electrologist referal section of hairtell?

Forty-three dollars per hour is very reasonable if this electrologist has a newer epilator, proper magnification and lighting, a clean office and presents with pre-packaged, STERILE disposable probes. HOWEVER, the most important aspect is, does she/he have the knowledge to treat and destroy a given hair with the proper amount of current for the proper amount of time.

You should not feel like your hairs are being tweezed (you can do that at home for free). On occassion you might feel like a hair was tweezed, but sometimes that is unavoidable because the root structure is bigger than the pore it is lifted out of (the hair probably has a big white bulb). The electrologist should tell you this so you are not laying there wondering if you a are receiving proper treatment.

If your’re not in a position to get referals from friends, go to as many free consultations as you can and see if they will give you five or ten minutes of treatment. See how your skin reacts. You should look normal a week or less afterwards. There are some areas on the body like the abdomen or toes where it can scab and pigment and take longer to heal, but it does go away. I’m mainly talking about the healing process of your face.

With that search behind you, use your gut feeling about who to choose. Read the hairfacts section that James suggested and that should bring you to a good decision and above all, a good understanding about electrolysis.

Don’t freak out or be depressed about your situation. It’s so much better to use your energy to find the right solution for you. Develop a “plain english” speaking relationship with your electrologist. Let her know when something worries you about your last treatment, or if you feel like you are not progressing fast enough. A professional electrologist will listen respectively to your concerns and offer reassurance or adjustments in their proceedure.

Electrolysis does work. Learn all you can so your expectations match the intended result at the end.