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I had approximately 25 hours of electrolysis done on [my genitals]. Thermolysis was the primary modality…later blend was used and even a small amount of multiple needle electrolyis. I have lost significant sensation […]. Have you seen anyone ever lose sensitivity from electrolyis…if so, did it go away? It has been 6 weeks since my last treatement but must confess that I noticed a change in sensation approximately a year ago but continued treatment because I was told that such a change was not possible…I am really hoping this will not be permanent. Strangely, I can feel a pin prick in the area…its just when I slide my finger across the surface of the skin that there is no sensation…if anyone can help, I will be eternally in your debt!!

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You may be better off asking this question in the mature area… many over there would have direct experience in what you have had done, and would be in a better position to advise of their experiences…


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For more information on work in this area, join the Mature section of this forum and share experiences with many more people who have had this service performed.

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Many thanks James!!! I have asked many practitioners and physicians about this as it scares me to death…no one has been able to provide me with any guidance. Some insist that permanent nerve damage is likely with electrolysis…you are after all burning tissue, others say it is impossible. Have you witnessed this reaction (the loss of sensation) personally and seen people recover? If so…how long was the recovery time? God Bless you for providing the first coherent information on this issue…you outdid urologists and neuorologists!! Sad but few physicians have much understanding of the electrolyis process. I will move my inquiry to the mature board…but would be very curious to hear from anyone else on the issue of possible nerve damage and loss of sensation from this process.