Los Angeles: Zap-a-Hair Electrolysis

<strong>Zap-a-Hair Electrolysis</strong><br>
<em>Tina Reynolds, Licensed Electrologist<br>
Vice President, Electrologists’ Association of Southern California</em></p>
<p>1328 Westwood Boulevard <br>
Suite 22<br>
Los Angeles, CA 90024<br>
(310) 474-4787</p>
<p>website: <a href=“http://www.zapahair.com”>www.zapahair.com</a><br>
e-mail: tina@zapahair.com</p>
<p><strong>Office Hours:</strong> <br>
<FONT face=Arial size=2>7 days a week, by appointment (including evening hours)</FONT></p>
<p><STRONG>Office Rates:<br>
</STRONG>15 min: $25; 30 min: $35; 40 min: $45; 60 min: $60; Package Discounts Available</p>
<p><strong>Description </strong></p>
[li]Free Consultation with Complimentary Treatment</li>[/li] [li] State-of-the-art equipment</li>[/li] [li] Sterile, disposable needles only</li>[/li] [li] Flash, Thermolysis and Blend techniques</li>[/li] [li] Gender friendly! </li>[/li] [li]Quiet and Confidential Office</li>[/li] [li]Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard Accepted</li>[/li] [li] All Body Parts, All Hair Colors, All Skin Colors<br>[/li] </li>
<p>ELECTROLYSIS - The standard by which all other methods are compared!</p>