Los Angeles: Robin R. Harris, C.P.E.

<p> Robin R. Harris, C.P.E. </p>
<p>Charlotte-James Skin Care Clinic<br>
10921 Wilshire Blvd.,<br>
Suite #410<br>
Los Angeles, CA 90024<br>
(310) 208-2556 / fax. (310) 208-0950<br>
e-mail: robinh@iopener.net</p>
Monday and Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm; Saturday & Sunday 9:00am to
5:30 pm</p>
15 min: $25; 30 min. $35; 45 min. $50; 60 min. $60; package discounts available</p>
<p>Description of Practice:</p>
[li]Skin care clinic located in the offices of a respected Dermatologist</li>[/li] [li]Topical and injectable anesthesia available by staff doctors</li>[/li] [li]Advanced technology in the field of permanent hair removal</li>[/li] [li]Only sterile, disposable needles used</li>[/li] [li]Electrolysis instructor for the last 8years</li>[/li] [li]High profiled clients-privacy assured</li>[/li] [li]All ethnic skin types welcomed</li>[/li] [li]Pre-op TS client services respected</li>[/li] [li]Complimentary consultation - what are you waiting for?</li>[/li] [li]Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard Accepted</li>[/li][/LIST]