Los Angeles - Please help: Redhead & James W. Walker VII

Searching through all the old threads I can’t find an electrologyst referral in LA, CA. I know that Redhead mentioned seeing a good practioner in LA, and that James you were trying to compile an LA referal directory.

Any luck?

Could someone please give me a referral? there are so many snake sales men and people who sell lies out there.


If you look in the “Referral Section” of the site, there are referrals for the LA area.

Barrister writes:

Here are a couple of electrolysists I have used in the L.A. area that are good:
MARYS 8344 Beverly Blvd. (323)651-0505
GOODIS MITZI 8471 Melrose Blvd (323)658-785
Janice 421 W. Commonwealth Fullerton (714)526-0313
I am a male and each of the will work on all areas of a man or woman. The difficulty is getting an appointment when you want it as they are so busy; unless you call a week in advance.