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Since 1981 Mary Yamaki has been working within the Transgendered Community not only as a professional, but also as an advocate and compassionate friend. Her lifetime mission, “To rid unwanted hair from the face of the earth,” is also her great motivating passion. Mary uses all available methods of electrolysis, blend; 32 multiple needle (two 16 multiple needle machines Mary created); galvanic, and flash thermolysis. Being a Registered Nurse, Mary uses a variety of local anesthetics (creams and lidocaine injections) in order to have longer, more comfortable electrolysis sessions in her studio.

Mary’s experience, speed, and efficacy within the Trans and Electrolysis Communities are well documented and unparalleled. Mary has developed a technique she calls the “Simultaneous Technique.” This technique allows Mary to hold the probe with her right hand, and work both the treated hair (where the probe is being used) and the previously treated hair at the same time. This means Mary is actually treating two to three hairs at the exact same time which saves time, money, and creates an efficiency - that cannot be duplicated - by other electrologists within the TransCommunity.

As an Electrolysis Instructor, Teacher, and Mentor, Mary’s work has become so renowned, that Gentronics, (one of the leading electrolysis machine manufactures) regularly video her techniques, for training and education, now being used throughout electrolysis schools both in the United States and Europe.|

Since 1996, Mary has been very involved with Laser Hair Removal. At the age of 48, Mary decided to attend college, and obtain her Nursing License (CA636622) in order to comply with the latest California State Laws. These laws state - an operator of Lasers, for Hair Removal must “at a minimum” be a Registered Nurse, and a Certified Laser Technician, which Mary holds a variety of Licenses. Mary has been trained to work with various laser machines due - only - to serve the Transgendered Community for an alternative hair removal method. Whether Electrolysis or Laser Mary believes in all the choices to be offered at her salon.

Mary’s personal involvement with people who are Transgendered, and the Transgendered Community, at large, stems from her own personal struggle to find her own identity in the United States. Raised in Japan, in an ultraconservative family, Mary left Japan, at the age of 18, to find a new home and life in Los Angeles. Growing up in the Far East Mary always felt like she was in the wrong place and trapped in the wrong culture. Mary has personally witnessed the transition of many of her TS friends, and it is her personal pleasure to be a part of the process.

Mary’s practice priority is to help you to find the most economical, comfortable, fast, and effective way to rid - unwanted - hairs from the face, body or genitals, for SRS, using the method most appropriate for each individual client.