Looking to buy or rent your old epilator

Hi I am a a student and a would like to buy or rent an epilator. I need something to practice with and cannot yet afford the platinum epilator that I will use when I go into practice. So I was wondering if anyone has been thinking of selling? Or if I could rent one that you don’t mind me using but want back?

I’ve got a Gentronics mc160a with needle rack that I could put up for sale. It may require a little calibration but other than that it’s perfect!

I know of one other professional on here that has her newer Gentronics machine for sale at a great price.

Or I could sell you my other epilator and use the money to calibrate my Gentronics machine (which I’d like to hold on to.)

I am very interested in your Gentronics, how much are you asking?

I responded to your last post on another thread. The reality is I have 2 epilators when all I really need is one. Shoot me a PM and we’ll work something out. I can send photos if you need them also.

Hello I have the Dectro Magnifying Lamp, a dectro leather Auriga Treatment table, and the APILUS XCELL all in excellent condition barely used for sale.