Looking to bring on a second electrologist

I’m currently getting very busy with my practise, and I’m currently recruiting for a second electrologist for my established clinic on Ottawa Canada.
Important qualifications in addition to skill is an absolute passion for electrolysis and all it can do, and the ability to market yourself and to grow your own clientele. Additionally I have a large number of transgender individuals in my client list , and I’m ideally looking for someone comfortable and able to work on clients of all gender.
I’d prefer to bring someone on before I am just too busy to spend any time training them.

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Just wanted to mention, I’m STILL lookng for a second electrologist.
My schedule is packed, I cant get a day off and new clients have resorted to booking massive amounts with no consultations, because I wont do new client consultations anymore.

Desperately seeking another pair of hands, the limiting factor isnt clientele,it’s time available!