Looking into laser hair removal


Hi there,
I just joined and I’m very impressed by these forums :-). I looking into laser hair removal, mainly to satisfy my mother, who has always had issues with facial hair and is a professional electrolosyst. I am very pale skinned, have sensitive skin on my face (think skinned on the cheeks so that there is a natural blush to them), and have very thick black facial hair. I have been removing with dilapidators (sp?) a couple of times a week which is a pain but I’ve gotten used to it. My mom is really wanting me to give laser removal a try. I’m very skeptical about the risks though.

I was wanting to find out a little about the experiences people have had with laser removal. I understand that it is expensive but I didn’t find any ballpark figure. I would be mainly removing facial hair around the mouth and chin. Also, if anyone has experienced pain (as I mentioned, I have sensitive skin) and how you dealt with that. Also, just a kind of general overview (although the hairfacts on this website was a great overview).

Thank you in advance!



Hey Tam.

Just curious,if your mother is a professional electrologist, why isn’t she removing the hair on your chin and and mouth area with electrolysis?? It sounds like it would be a good deal because I’m thinking your own mother wouldn’t charge for her services. Or does she lives too far away to treat you???


Hi there,
Yes, my mom lives in Israel and I’m in the States so it’s a little bit of a travel to get her to remove by electrolosys for me ;-). I’m also a bit of a coward since I’ve done electrolosys with her before so I know it’s a slow and painful process but I’d do it if she were around (don’t think that hasn’t entered her mind…)

But yes, that’s the reason.